The Best American-Made Hot Tubs

Close Up on two hot tub jets pumping water in a full hot tub. Jets like these provide the high-quality hydrotherapy American-made hot tubs are known for.

Do you ever notice that when people list luxurious items like hot tubs, so many of them are made outside the U.S.? So where do American-made hot tubs stand in comparison to Swiss watches, Belgian chocolate, and granite from Italy and Brazil?

Simply put, American-made hot tubs are among the best you can buy. That’s why Colorado Custom Spas carries hot tubs from multiple manufacturers in the United States. 

By selling these high-quality hot tubs at competitive prices, we make this luxurious experience accessible to a broader customer base all throughout the Denver area. 

Living in the dynamic climate of the Rocky Mountains, our customers need a hot tub that will stand up to the extreme weather conditions that come our way. This is precisely the product we carry. And customers notice the difference in their quality of life when they enjoy the wellness benefits of these hot tubs. 

American-Made Hot Tubs

Momentum of hot tub innovation in America picked up in the mid 20th century when World War II veterans wanted to recreate the bathing cultures they encountered in Japan. As the years progressed, hot tubs evolved into more compact, durable amenities that could fit within people’s homes.

Listed here are the three brands of American-made hot tubs we carry at Colorado Custom Spas. Each is a brilliant example of the ingenuity and craftsmanship that has led the market for over half a century.

Artesian Spas™: Las Vegas, NV

One of the main qualities that put Artesian Spas on our list of Best American Hot Tub Manufacturers is their business practice. Whereas some other manufacturers might prefer to outsource their production out of the country in exchange for cheap labor and fewer regulations, Artesian keeps its production in the USA. 

Moreover, Artesian creates an innovative, attractive product. There are four lines in the Artesian hot tubs portfolio: 

This lineup of spas offers owners a wide range of sizes and features at affordable prices to accommodate any lifestyle.

Bullfrog Spas®: Bluffdale, UT

When it comes to hot tub innovations, Bullfrog Spas is a clear leader. The crown jewel of their hot tubs is their patented JetPak® Therapy System™.  The JetPak is a removable, adjustable seat back that allows you to configure the massage patterns and water pressure to your preference. You can move them to different seats and choose between 18 unique massage configurations.

Bullfrog Spas comprises five different lines:

Each of these represents the customizable, energy-efficient experience that has earned Bullfrog acclaim throughout the industry. 

Tuff Spas: Glendale, AZ

Take a hint from their name. Tuff Spas are known for their durability. Harsh conditions, such as the bitter Colorado winters, are no match for the special polymer each Tuff hot tub is built with. The same strength goes into the hot tub’s sliding and solid cover which, unlike traditional spa covers, never needs to be replaced.

Tuff Spas has two collections containing multiple models each:

Whatever Tuff model you choose, you’ll have a hot tub that is stylish, energy-efficient, and user-friendly.

Where to Get American-Made Hot Tubs in Colorado

With over two decades in the business and over 20,000 hot tubs delivered, Colorado Custom Spas is Denver’s leading source for American-made hot tubs. Contact us today and we’ll start brainstorming installation ideas with you! Also, take a look at our resources page where you can view the owner’s manuals and technical drawings for Artesian Spas, Bullfrog Spas, and Tuff Spas. You are in for the time of your life with a made-in-the-USA hot tub from Colorado Custom Spas.

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