The Real World Benefits of JetPak Technology

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Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs in the world that allow you to fully customize your hydrotherapy experience, or even change it years after your hot tub was delivered. JetPak technology is a modular system of hot tub jets.  Each seat can be customized with one of 20 different jet configurations.  Swapping JetPaks can be done in 30 seconds and the only tool required is your hands!!

Recently, the benefits of this unique design became very evident to me.  A customer of hours was in a car accident and has since developed severe neck pain.  When she originally purchased her Bullfrog Spa, she chose the jet configurations that worked best for her at that time.  With the advent of her neck pain, none of her existing JetPaks were able to meet her new hydrotherapy needs.  After relaying her story to us, we decided to try out 2 different JetPaks that target her specific problem area.  It turns out that the Neck Masseuse JetPak massaged just the right muscles, with the perfect amount of pressure to ease her pain.

Sometimes I focus so hard on the day-to-day business side of things and lose sight of the real-world benefits that Bullfrog Spas provide for people.  This situation reminded me of how truly revolutionary the JetPak design is.  With any other hot tub, this customer would have had no recourse other than to buy a whole new spa.  Hearing the relief in her voice was such a beautiful thing that I felt the need to share it here.

For our existing customers out there who have experienced a change in their hydrotherapy needs, or if you just want to try one of the latest, greatest JetPaks, mention this blog post to receive $20 off the price of a new JetPak. The Real World Benefits of JetPak Technology 1

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