Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Best Therapeutic Hot Tubs, Spas and Why

There’s no denying it: we live in stressful times.

In fact, Americans experience more stressors today than they did in the 90s. That’s due to several factors, such as changes in technology, economic hardship, family dynamics, and more. Even Gen X is experiencing some stress over an uncertain future.

The solution to stress isn’t cut-and-dry, but there are ways you can help combat it. If you’re feeling stressed, we have a surprising answer for you: therapeutic hot tubs. Therapeutic spas are arguably one of the most relaxing, rewarding, and fun ways to make yourself feel better after a long day (or a week, or month, or year!).

Here, we highlight four of our favorite brands in the market and explain what’s so great about them. Keep reading!

1. Bullfrog Spas

Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Bullfrog Spas are some of the most innovative in their industry.

They have a patented JetPak system, which includes modular seatbacks that offer different massage configurations. These interchangeable seatbacks allow you to move them from seat to seat. Another perk is having control over the massage’s pressure, allowing you to be totally in tune with your needs.

2. Artesian Spas

Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Artesian Spas are another notable player in the therapeutic spa game.

Their patented helix jets offer users a deep-tissue massage like no other. Rather than sitting in front of an obtrusive nozzle that sprays water, Artesian Spas allow the water to exit in a soft, subtle twisting motion that provides the ultimate relaxation.

Additionally, each guest in their seat gets control of their own massage! Several people can enjoy massages with different intensity levels—at the same time.

3. Passion Spas

Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Perhaps one of the best features of Passion Spas is their versatility.

There’s no one Passion Spa. Rather, you can choose from a wide variety of hot tub models. Having these options is fantastic as it allows you to account for budget, size of the hot tub, number of seats, and more.

One design worth mentioning is the Spa Admire, a member of their signature collection. Spa Admire is spacious, fitting up to five people; it’s got cool features such as soft pillows and LED accent lighting; and finally, the one hot tub has up to sixty massage jets.

Enjoy the Soft Air Massage System!

4. Strong Spas

Top 4 Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Their Surprising Benefits

Last but not least, we have Strong Spas.

Like Passion Spas, Strong Spas come with several different models, allowing you to pick and choose based on your wants and needs. One of our favorites is the Vienna 60 out of their Premium series.

The Vienna 60 is aptly named as it has sixty strategically-placed, full-body jets. It also features newer technology updates, such as ozone purification and floating weir filtration. Enjoy this hot tub with up to seven people!

Reap the Benefits of Therapeutic Hot Tubs Today

Some stress-relievers are fantastic solutions but difficult to do when we’re feeling down. For example, it can be challenging to motivate oneself to exercise.

When you’re looking for an easy way to check out from the day, relieve stress (physically and mentally), and stay cozy the entire time, try therapeutic hot tubs. They’re enjoyable, conveniently located at home, and don’t require anything from you other than to sit and relax.

Therapeutic spas are an excellent addition to any household. Click here to check out our specials, and be sure to hit the blue ‘Make an Appointment button at the bottom of the page!

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