What a Difference a Hot Tub Makes

What a Difference a Hot Tub Makes

What a Difference a Hot Tub Makes

Investing in a hot tub can be a challenging and big decision. As a residential or commercial property owner in Colorado, keeping the changing climate in mind when deciding on a particular brand and model is vital. Unfortunately, many hot tubs on the market today do not meet the standards needed, especially when the super cold weather hits. For example, due to Colorado’s mountainous areas, the proper insulation is critical to avoid freezing. Therefore, choosing a hot tub that meets the significant challenges of Colorado’s cold and high altitude is crucial. In contrast, Colorado does get UV rays with lots of bright sunshine, so insulation is vital, but the shell’s coating must also be resistant to Colorado’s UV rays.

Why Colorado Custom Spas Make a Difference

First, our entire team of sales, technicians and installers has over twenty years of experience in the luxury spa and hot tub industry. So we know the industry well, and as long-time residents of Colorado, we see the weather too. Second, the Colorado Custom Spas representative’s passion and goal are to provide the best buying experience and high-quality hot tub to meet each customer’s lifestyle needs.

Discovering the Right Hot Tub Brand for You

At Colorado Custom Spas, we offer a variety of hot tub brands that are different in their own way. Below we provide a brief overview of each. But remember, when you are done, do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team to learn more about each and to know which is best for you.

Bullfrog Spas – Have a patented JetPak system that enables an array of different massage configurations.

Artesian Spas – Carries one of the most luxurious elite hot tubs on the market with hydrotherapy pumps and patented therapy jets.

Tuff Spas – The most durable hot tub in Denver today. The structure, shell and cover are virtually indestructible.

Passion Spas – The modern and sleek design offers the best value and look in their class.

Swim Spas – The swim spa collection at Colorado Custom Spas includes Tidal Fit Swim Spas and Passion Swim Spas. Each has its unique features to accommodate different needs.

Know The Difference and Choose

As we have provided you with a few tips about each brand, to learn more in-depth, do not hesitate and contact Colorado Custom Spas. There is so much more to know about each, their features, sizes, inground styles, covers, accessories and more. So, be sure to stop by either our Denver store or our Castle Rock store. If you cannot visit, do not worry contact us here.

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