What Is The Best Swim Spa?

What Is the Best Swim Spa?

The Best Swim Spa What Is The Best Swim Spa?

Are you wondering what is the best swim spa?

Did you know that cardiovascular exercise enhances brain activity by creating new brain cells?

Exercise is also directly related to weight control, productivity, and even staving off illness and disease. Of the best exercises you can do for cardiovascular and muscle strength, swimming ranks high.

If you don’t have access to a recreational pool, there are alternatives for keeping fit by swimming. Installing a swim spa on your property is an affordable option that’s worth the investment.

But what is the best swim spa? We’ll tell you all 4 qualities to look for before recommending the best of the best.

1. Temperature Control

A big downside to making swimming your primary workout is that it’s not accessible year-round. In places that experience any kind of winter, underground pools have to be closed for the season. That means you either have to have an indoor pool or access to a recreational pool nearby.

But the best swim spa will have temperature controls. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature of the pool according to the temperature outside to make sure your swim is always comfortable and warm.

2. Space-Saving

Swimming is a low-impact workout that’s great for helping you recover from injury. It’s also an excellent cardio workout that engages so many of your muscles. Just about any pool can help you accomplish both of these, but what if you’re limited by space?

While a large underground pool might not fit your property, the best swim spa will help you get the same quality swim in a much smaller space.

3. More Than Swimming

The best spa has a powerful jet system on one end of the pool. That jet system creates resistance at such a level that you can swim in place. Meaning there’s no need to swim laps from one end to the other.

But that jet system creates resistance for more than just swimming. You can also use it as resistance for walking and jogging, to multiply the potential workouts you get from your swim spa.

4. Focus on the Spa Aspect

Regardless of the type of workout, you need to relax after you’ve finished it. That gives your muscles a chance to cool down, for your heartbeat to regulate, and for you to absorb the benefits of your exercise.

What better place to cool down and relax than in a hot tub? The best swim spa will be equipped with hot tub features like jets and control panels.

What Is the Best Swim Spa?

The obvious answer to “what is the best swim spa?” is the one that has all of these features and benefits. The Tidal Fit swim and exercise spa meets all of these criteria and more. Available in 5 configurations, it saves space, gives you control over temperature, and has many of the same features as a hot tub but with all of the workouts of a swim spa.

Are You Ready To Have The Best Swim Spa In Town?

If you’re ready to start getting the best workout of your life in your own backyard, check out our selection of swim spas to get started, then contact us here.

It is the goal of Colorado Custom Spas to provide our customers with a great shopping experience when looking for a swim spa or another type of hot tub. In order to serve our customers in the best way we possibly can, we have opened a second location.

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