What Should I Look for When Buying a Hot Tub?

What Should I Look for When Buying a Hot Tub?

Buying a Hot Tub? What Should I Look For?

2018 study of 4,180 homeowners showed that over 17% of Americans own some sort of hot tub, spa, or pool.

Are you interested in buying a hot tub, too?

Colorado residents have a special reason to invest their money in a personal spa: the winter season. For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of home, a hot tub is a fantastic purchase even during the colder months. They’re not only entertaining and stress-relieving, but they provide year-round relaxation.

But we have to admit, there are a lot of options. With so many brands to choose from, the question remains: what should you look for when buying? What features and specs are the most important?

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Consider Your Available Space

Before you start shopping for hot tubs, consider the location at home where you’d like to put it.

What is the available surface area? What amount of weight can be put on that foundation? Will it go indoors or outdoors?

This spec is perhaps the most important, as it will put a limit on which hot tubs are right for you.

The size of the hot tub you get largely depends on how you want to use it and who intends to use it. Are you buying the hot tub for you and your spouse, or parties?

This point brings us to our next one . . .

Know the Size You Want: Personal vs. Entertaining

Are you a two-person household using the hot tub? Or are you an entertainer that’s planning to buy a large hot tub fit for groups of people? The size of your hot tub will vary greatly depending on your answer to this question.

Some personal spas can hold anywhere from 5 to 8 people, with each one allotted their own pump! This feature allows them to choose the intensity. Of course, this might be overkill if you’re enjoying the best hot tub solo.

So, consider the size you’d like, along with your budget, to narrow down the choices.

Compare In-Ground or Free-Standing

You might not have realized that in-ground hot tubs are an option, but they are! They’re an attractive, modern alternative to the well-known free-standing tub. In-ground hot tubs are built much like in-ground pools are built.

Additionally, certain in-ground brands, like Bullfrog Spas, guarantee up to 90% less plumbing, which results in fewer leaks and fantastic heat retention.

However, traditional, free-standing hot tubs are still an excellent choice, providing the same features, perks, and comfort.

Which will you choose?

Buying a Hot Tub Is Exciting

A hot tub purchase doesn’t have to be challenging. Using the buying guide we’ve created above, you should find the hot tub of your dreams in no time at all.

Consider the look, the size, the material, and the reason for its use. Buying a hot tub is balancing wants with practicalities. The result is a personal spa, right at home in Colorado.

At Colorado Custom Spas, we have an excellent variety of options, allowing you to get to the perfect fit. Choose from in-ground or free-standing, as well as several high-quality brands. We can help you decide!

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