The 5 Best At-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

The 5 Best At-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

From Romantic to Active Date Night Ideas

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, many of us are finding ourselves couped up at home more than we would like. Those dates to the movies, to dinner, and more seem like they happened so long ago. But for now, it’s on our minds, what can we possibly do at home. How can we make our data night perfect? Geez, I genuinely want him or her to come back.

Coming up with great date night ideas can be difficult during any time of year, but even more during the winter months. After all, cold weather and snow can generally make many outside activities seem impossible, but now with the coronavirus in full swing, heading on out to our favorite restaurant or seeing a great movie is not going to happen.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to have a fun date in the comfort of your own home as the snow falls outside. From getting creative to getting physical, here are some of the best winter date night ideas:

1) Have a Home Spa Day

If the snow is raging outside and you start to feel couped up, the best solution is to find a way to relax. You and your partner can treat yourselves to a spa day, all in-house. Get your hot tub steaming, stock up on essential oils, face masks, lotions, a few appetizers, and don’t forget your favorite cocktail, beer, or wine: dim the lights, fire up the candles. You will feel like you are at your favorite spa with your very special someone. Romance is in the house!

2) Make Indoor S’mores

Nearly everyone loves good s’mores, especially during the winter months. Melted chocolate and warm, mushy mellows stuffed between two graham crackers are the perfect treats to spice up any date. If you and your partner have an indoor fireplace, consider getting the fire going and roasting your marshmallows over a toasty fire. Since you’re inside, you can also make some hot cocoa to pair with the delicious treat.

3) Get Artsy

If you and your partner are the arts and crafts type, your winter date possibilities are endless. The fan-favorite for a lot of couples in the winter months is to build a gingerbread house together. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also delicious! Another big-hit idea is using mason jars to create unique, DIY items. For example, you and your partner can put mini Christmas lights inside a mason jar to act as a DIY lantern. On the outside, you can paint cute Christmas decors like snowmen or Santa Claus!

4) Try New Workouts

Couples who love working out together don’t have to feel discouraged by the cold weather and closed gyms. Instead, use the time inside the house as a way to get creative with physical fitness.

For instance, many use the inside months to try out new exercises such as yoga and pilates. There are plenty of online videos available to help you and your partner get started and keep motivated, as well as online classes if you’re looking for a group experience. If you want to get even more active, you can try Zumba or Jazzercise.

Just make sure you have a place for your pet to sit and watch; otherwise, he or she most likely will want to be part of the class.

5) Pull Out the Classics

Lastly, staying inside offers many opportunities to reconnect you and your partner with the classics in life. For instance, you can catch up on old, classic movies you never got around to seeing. Or, if you like a good game, you can revisit board games like Clue or Scrabble. If you and your partner happen to be bookworms, you can take this opportunity to read old books together or read out loud to each other. There is nothing like the winter spirit to bring two people back to the classics of life.

Are you happy with these five winter date night ideas?

Get Deeply Connected

Fortunately, winter doesn’t mean the end of fun dates until the warm season comes back. The winter months are a better time than ever to become even more deeply connected with your loved one over a warm drink and a good time.

Now that we have provided you with five fun date night ideas at home let’s help you with #1, “have a home spa day”!

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