Your Guide to Owning a Swim Spa in Colorado

swim spa

Owning a swim spa in Colorado is an easy and obvious choice! The staff at Colorado Custom Spas knows that everyone in Colorado likes to stay active outside despite weather conditions. A swim spa allows you to do just that. You can enjoy the benefits of owning both a swimming pool and a hot tub. Plus, you’ll have more bonding time with those you love the most. Let us help you live life to the fullest this year with a swim spa to call your own.

You Can Work Out in a Variety of Ways in Your Swim Spa

When you think of a swim spa, do you think of swimming? Most people do and for a good reason. That was their original design. But did you know that you can do so much more with today’s swim spa marvels?


You can obviously still swim in a swim spa. With specially designed currents to keep you in place while you swim, you won’t need an Olympic-size swimming pool in your backyard to allow you to swim laps anymore. You can get the same workout by using your swim spa. You can even use it to teach your kids how to swim.


You can also get a stationary bike to use in the water. The stationary bike became a significant trend when we were all trapped inside during the pandemic. We know it is excellent exercise, but did you know that you can get the same benefits from using one in a low-impact environment? Biking in the water allows you to do just that. This high-resistance workout packs a major punch. Skip the wear and tear on your joints by adding this accessory to your swim spa.

Light Weights

You can also do light weightlifting in your new low-impact swim spa environment. With options to attach resistance bands to the spa itself or use water weights, you can train your muscles. Get your cardio and weight training all without leaving this incredible space.


Adding a rowing attachment to your swim spa will help you to stay ahead of the rising trends in exercise. You may have been rowing for many years and know the fantastic benefits to your body. If it is new to you, it is worth looking into. The rowing attachments are just another way to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

You Can Use Your Swim Spa Year-Round

You may be thinking that while all of those options in one piece of equipment is ideal, that you wouldn’t be able to use them in the winter. We know Colorado winters can be trying, but thankfully, you can still use your swim spa. The heated water works in the same way a hot tub does, allowing you to stay warm while getting your workout in, even when it’s snowing. And when the weather warms, turn down the water temperature for a refreshing experience in spring and summer.

Investing in a quality cover will help to ensure your swim spa is protected from harsh conditions. It will also save you money long-term by keeping the water warmer and chemical balance more stable. In the same way a hot tub cover works, you will want to keep a cover for your swim spa to protect your investment when not in use.

You Can Enjoy the Best Benefits of a Hot Tub in Your Swim Spa

Since the swim spa works in similar ways to a hot tub, you can get the same benefits from ownership. They even have jetted seating options at the back for you to take a load off when you are finished working out.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs offer the advantage of hydrotherapy. It has been around for centuries and remains a popular choice of therapy for many people. Use your swim spa in the same way to get the same benefits, likely even greater ones, since you can work out more in a swim spa than in a hot tub.

Enjoy the Warm Water

We have all enjoyed the warm water in a bath or soaking in a hot tub after a long day. Use your swim spa in the same way. There is no requirement to work out beforehand. Simply hop in and settle down with jets and warmth to soak the day away.

The warm water will also help you to work out more efficiently for extended periods of time. Having your muscles constantly pushed to relax after an exercise will help you to do more reps. This is a fantastic strategy for anyone looking to come back after an injury, who struggles to work out because of weight, or who has a lot of pain in their body.

Enjoy a Massage from the Jets

There is more than just a current in your swim spa. Jets and seats are still present, just like a hot tub. Make the most of these by relaxing after your workout to encourage recovery. 

You Can Party in Your Swim Spa

A swim spa is naturally larger than a hot tub which means you can fit more people. Can anyone say pool party?! A swim spa is a perfect location for an intimate gathering. You can plan games to play, a movie to watch, and even themed food and drinks if you want to go all out. 

You Can Install Your Swim Spa Wherever You Like!

If the look or placement of a swim spa is what is holding you back, know that Colorado Custom Spas can likely work around it.

Install an Inground Swim Spa

We can install your swim spa in the ground. We can do this so that it is flush with the ground like a typical pool or partially so that some of it is still raised. When you come in to check out our selection, you can ask our consultants about this option.

Install a Swim Spa in Your Basement

Many customers opt to install their swim spa indoors if they don’t even want it to be outside. A basement is a popular location, since it doesn’t require significant reinforcement beforehand. Never worry about the weather outdoors again.

Install a Swim Spa on Your Deck

If your backyard is a steep slope, you can have your swim spa installed on a deck instead. This provides easy access from any room you like as well. 

Install a Swim Spa in Your Yard

You can install a swim spa on a reinforced foundation in your yard. Regardless of what you are looking for, we can find a solution for you!

Owning a swim spa in Colorado is not something you will regret. Come into either of our locations to do a test run of our options in-store. We cannot wait to help you live your life to the fullest this year.

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