Artesian Elite Hot Tub: Where Luxury and Technology Meet

Artesian Spas, Artesian Elite Hot Tub: Where Luxury and Technology Meet

Artesian Elite Hot Tub

Over 7.3 million American homes have a hot tub. With summer a few months away, now is the perfect time to get your yard ready and join the millions of people with their own backyard hot tub.

Don’t just settle for a standard run of the mill hot tub, though. Choose one that’s easy to maintain, is durable, and can deliver a relaxing experience.

The Artesian Elite hot tub line can give you spacious luxury and the utmost in comfort. Read this guide and learn everything you need to know about these state of the art hot tubs.

Artesian Elite Hot Tub: Where Luxury and Technology Meet 1


The jet system for Artesian Elite hot tubs is a patented system that creates a helix effect in the water. This provides you with a higher quality deep tissue massage. This subtle twisting motion in the water creates a more therapeutic experience to massage your aches and pains away.

Sink into one of the seats and experience this pulsating massage from your neck to your toes. This means your most stressed body parts get the attention they need. Most people carry their stress in their neck and shoulders.

Adjust these upper jets to the right amount of pressure. Then sit back, relax, and feel your stress melt away.

Unlike other hot tubs where your feet are an afterthought, Artesian Spas have large diameter jets with high flow rates. This ensures the therapeutic massaging surrounds your feet and envelopes your lower legs.

Artesian Elite Hot Tub: Where Luxury and Technology Meet 2

Jet Power and Control

Each seat in your Artesian Spa has its own dedicated pump. This means that you’ll never divert power or jet pressure away from another seat when you turn the intensity up on yours. You won’t find this in other hot tubs.

There are as many as six different pumps. Now everyone can get the exact experience they’re looking for without affecting anyone else’s experience.

Lasting Durability

Have confidence in your hot tub, knowing that it comes with a lifetime guarantee for the structure and outer shell. Each shell is made of fiberglass that’s hand-rolled and self-supporting. Each water line is clamped and glued.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to running your spa, you’ll find that Artesian Spas strive for energy-efficient operation. The highest quality Icynene foam insulation is used to ensure the greatest amount of heat retention. Many owners don’t even notice an increase in their utility bills.

Clean and Pure Water

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and complicated care routines. Your Artesian Spa will use a high-efficiency circulation pump with a combination of UVC, Ozone, and ProPure Mixer to completely purify your water.

When the water first enters the system, silver and copper minerals naturally destroy harmful bacteria. Any contaminants then get caught as the water flows through the Micro Filter. The water then goes through the Circulation Pump, where it combines with Ozone for the final purification process.

Purchase Your Artesian Elite Hot Tub

With all of these wonderful benefits, the choice for your hot tub should be an easy one. An Artesian Elite spa is the best hot tub on the market and will give you a dedicated entertaining space. So invite some friends over, turn on the jets, and enjoy your summer night in one of the best hot tubs on the market.

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