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In-ground Colorado Spas & Hot tubs are an attractive alternative to traditional, free-standing spas.  With hundreds of in-ground hot tub installations under our belts, Colorado Custom Spas has the experience and expertise to assist you in creating your perfect backyard oasis.  Our designs will give you the aesthetic appeal of a custom in-ground hot tub with the the therapy, efficiency, features, and comfort of a traditional, free-standing hot tub.  No other company in Denver can match our expertise in Colorado spas.

Colorado spasTraditionally, in-ground Colorado spas are built just like a swimming pool. They use the same materials and construction methods which are expensive, difficult to work with, uncomfortable, and significantly limit the seating and features that can be found in a conventional acrylic hot tub.  These spas lack energy efficiency, are extremely expensive, and offer little therapeutic value when compared to an above ground hot tub.  And while any hot tub can be installed below ground, the potential for problems becomes magnified.  Bullfrog Spas’ patented JetPak technology reduces plumbing, fittings, and leak points by up to 90%.  The jets and fittings can be accessed from above and are not buried below like other spas.  Additionally, their injection molded plastic frames and structures will never deteriorate or rust like the wood and metal frames used by other manufacturers.  Bullfrog Spas carry a lifetime structural warranty.

Bullfrog Spas are designed in such that you only need access to one side of the hot tub for most repairs.  A simple trap door allows for access while maintaining the integrated look you desire.


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Bullfrog Spas with JetPak technology offer many advantages for inground hot tubs in Denver:

  • Up to 90% less plumbing – This means less potential for leaks, greater pump efficiency, better heat retention, and more powerful jets.
  • Most remaining plumbing is easily accessible from above – This is especially important for inground installations.  Without JetPak technology, a leaking inground hot tub can require extraction with a crane for repair.  Spa extraction is not covered under hot tub warranties.
  • Fewer holes in the spa shell – In traditional hot tubs, every jet requires that a hole be drilled in the spa shell.  These provide a potential place for leaks, as well as reducing the structural integrity of the shell.
  • Ugradeability – At any point in the future, you can completely upgrade your hot tub with new massage choices for a fraction of the cost of a new spa.  Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tub that offer this unique ability.  Whether your therapy needs change, or you just want to try something new, you have the ability to redesign your jetting at any time.  You don’t even need any tools to do it!
  • No wood or metal in the structure – Bullfrog spas are 100% wood-free.  Though most hot tubs offer a synthetic cabinet, they still use wood for the interior frame which will degrade over time.  This is further magnified when placed below ground.  Bullfrog Spas offer the industry’s only lifetime structural warranty!
  • Massage!  With over 20 JetPaks to choose from, no other hot tub offers the variety of massage found in a Colorado Custom Inground hot tub.  From light and soothing to vigorous deep-tissue, there is a massage for all of your aches and pains.
  • Energy efficiency – Bullfrog’s patented system and superior insulation make for the most energy efficient hot tub available.  The average Bullfrog customer pays less than $15 per month in energy costs.  Many hot tubs cost upwards of $100 per month.

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If you are planning an inground hot tub, the choice is simple.  Why settle for inferior massage, difficult access to plumbing and equipment, huge monthly energy costs, and no upgradeability?  Schedule an expert consultation today.

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