In-Ground hot tubs & spas

In-ground Colorado Spas & Hot tubs are an attractive alternative to traditional, free-standing spas.  With hundreds of in-ground hot tub installations under our belts, Colorado Custom Spas have the experience and expertise to assist you in creating your perfect backyard oasis.

partial or complete in-ground


Our experience and expertise in designing and installing in-ground hot tubs and swim spas throughout Colorado are unmatched compared to the competition. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to install your hot tub either partially or completely in-ground with ease. We can make your hot tub look as if it was a completely custom-built in-ground hot tub adding to the aesthetics of your backyard paradise. The custom installation options also allow you to surround your in-ground spa with material that matches the design aesthetics of your home and yard (Brick Pavers, Stone, Wood, etc).

In-ground Hot tubs, Colorado Custom Spas

in-ground hot tubs

A customized spa experience just for you

Our designs will give you the aesthetic appeal of a custom in-ground hot tub with the therapy, efficiency, features, and comfort of a traditional, free-standing hot tub.  No other company in Denver can match our expertise in Colorado spas.

Traditionally, in-ground Colorado spas are built just like a swimming pool. They use the same materials and construction methods which are expensive, difficult to work with, uncomfortable, and significantly limit the seating and features that can be found in a conventional acrylic hot tub.  These spas lack energy efficiency, are extremely expensive, and offer little therapeutic value when compared to an above-ground hot tub.  And while any hot tub can be installed below ground, the potential for problems becomes magnified.  Bullfrog Spas’ patented JetPak technology reduces plumbing, fittings, and leak points by up to 90%.  The jets and fittings can be accessed from above and are not buried below like other spas.  Additionally, their injection-molded plastic frames and structures will never deteriorate or rust like the wood and metal frames used by other manufacturers.  Bullfrog Spas carry a lifetime structural warranty.

In ground Hot tubs, Colorado Custom Spas

Get all the comfort and performance of a hot tub or swim spa with the beautiful aesthetics of a custom in-ground hot tub.