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What Makes Bullfrog So Unique?

No other spa company builds a hot tub like Bullfrog Spas. Their patented JetPak system is quite possibly the greatest innovation in hot tub history! JetPaks are a system of modular seat backs with a variety of different massage configurations to choose from.  They are interchangeable and can be moved from seat to seat allowing you to customize the type of massage that you receive.  You can even fine tune the amount of pressure exactly to your liking.  JetPaks put you in control of your massage.  This level of flexibility cannot be found in any other hot tub on the market.

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Jetpak therapy

The average hot tub contains 600 to 700 feet of plumbing.  A Bullfrog spa has less than 85.  Less plumbing means more jet power, better efficiency, and easier repair of your hot tub!

Every inch of plumbing and every pipe fitting or elbow is a source of friction as water travels from the pump to each jet, some of which are located on the opposite side of the hot tub.  This friction significantly reduces jet power and massage pressure.  Most hot tub manufacturers compensate for this inefficiency by using diverter valves and larger, less efficient motors

A diverter valve takes the jet pressure from one seat and diverts it to another. Maximum pressure in any seat can only be achieved by robbing power from another area.  If a hot tub has a diverter valve you cannot run all of the jets at the same time with full power.  To further complicate things, the valves themselves are yet another source of power loss, reducing total jet pressure by up to 18%.  The additional plumbing required to install these valves reduces efficiency even more!

JetPak technology allows you to have full power in every seat, with all of the jets turned on at once.  There are no diverter valves.  Each JetPak has an adjustment dial allowing you to fine-tune the pressure to your liking.  You can achieve full power in any seat without having to take it from another.  Bullfrog spas let each person decide which massage they want, with total control over the intensity.  No other hot tub offers this level of therapy control.

Bullfrog Spas

JetPaks are exclusive to Bullfrog Spas and are protected by more than 12 different patents

Bulfrog Spas

modern spa engineering

the plumbing difference

By eliminating much of the plumbing (friction) Bullfrog is able to provide more powerful jets with smaller, more efficient motors. It’s truly a revolutionary design that makes other hot tubs feel obsolete.



No two people are alike. What provides relief to one person may not for another. There are more than 20 different configurations to choose from.  Each one provides a different type of massage or targets a different area of the body.

While some may enjoy the steady pressure of the Neck Massuese JetPak, others will find relief in the soothing figure 8 massage provided by the Oscillator JetPak.  The powerful massage of the Deep Relief JetPak might be just right for one person, while another may prefer the more relaxing feel of the Rainshower JetPak. No matter your preference, there is a JetPak for you.  Talk to any Bullfrog owner and with they will happily tell you which JetPak is their favorite.  Which JetPak will be yours?

revolutionary design


There is a reason why Bullfrog Spas are more energy efficient than any other hot tub or spa available today. 



Bullfrog’s powerful jets outperform hot tubs with conventional plumbing designs, yet accomplish this feat using smaller, more efficient motors.



Reducing the plumbing underneath creates more room for insulation. Bullfrog spas are fully insulated.



Water stays in the main body of the hot tub rather than underneath in plumbing where it loses temperature at a much faster rate.



Heat that builds up in the equipment compartment is recycled and returned to the hot tub water. The ABS bottom seals out moisture from the insulation.



In a Bullfrog Spa the shell is much stronger due to the reduced need for drilling.  There is only one hole per seat rather than one per jet.  The JetPaks and their fittings remain above, in the main body of water.  Should a jet fitting fail, it will leak back into the body of water rather than underneath.  The repair process is simplified.  A JetPak can be removed without the use of any tools.  There is no need to remove cabinet panels and dig around underneath.



Bullfrog Spas are manufactured with state of the art technology and materials in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Your Bullfrog Spa from Colorado Custom Spas begins and ends it’s time in the Rocky Mountains.  Their injection molded frame and sealed ABS base pan are resistant to rust, rot, mold, or mildew and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  The sealed ABS base prevents moisture, rodents, and insects from entering the hot tub and wreaking havoc.  This system of manufacturing is consistent and eliminates the element of human error involved in cutting and fastening required to build a wood-framed hot tub.  Each and every frame piece in a Bullfrog Spa is injection molded.  This means that there is no variance ever.  Each piece is the exact same shape and size every single time.  It lines up with the base in exactly the same place, every single time.