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A swim spa is a hot tub, aquatic gym and swimming pool all in one! Enjoy all the same benefits of a full-size swimming pool in a fraction of the size and space. Additionally, you will still get the benefits and relaxation of a year-round massage with all the health benefits of a traditional hot tub. It meets the needs of fitness enthusiasts and it's full family fun all year long!

Swim Spas And Exercise Pools


Bullfrog Swim Spas Swim Series™ Performance Class is unique in the way it combines features for premium hydrotherapy, like our JetPak Therapy System™ along with pre-programmed customizable workouts for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. There’s a Swim Series Swim Spa for everyone.

Swim Spas And Exercise Pools


Indulge in the epitome of luxury and wellness with Wellis Swim Spas, where sophistication meets unparalleled performance. Experience the ultimate blend of fitness and relaxation with Wellis Swim Spas. Designed for both vigorous workouts and soothing hydrotherapy, Wellis Swim Spas feature advanced counter-current systems that allow for a robust swimming experience in a compact space.

Swim Spas And Exercise Pools


Our new Swim Spa designs combine our exclusive Current-Lift Technology with the most innovative spa massage techniques ever developed. The Dynamic Swim Spa combines the innovative current-lift technology with a large variety of powerful massage experiences.


We sell, service, and lead the industry in providing you with options from only the best names in swim spa manufacturing. We carry all standard options with specialized customizations to meet your specific needs. It’s time to swim, exercise, and relax!

Exercise The Smart Way

Your Smart Swim Spa

TidalFit’s new Variable Flow System features a SWIM SYSTEM containing true variable speed pumps. This allows the swimmer a variety of swim options by varying swim resistance, simply by pushing a button on the TOUCH SCREEN LCD PANEL.  Meaning, you can start with a low-intensity warm-up, then switch to high-intensity, then cool down again with lower intensity.

Our Swim Spa System

The Aquatic Training System

Get the best workout of your life with the same benefits of a full-size swimming pool in a fraction of the size and space. 


Rowing Bars

Smooth, low-impact, and non-load bearing, rowing spreads the exercise intensity evenly over the body’s three major muscle groups: the torso, legs, and arms. This even distribution of exercise helps tone all muscles, instead of just one group.


Reistant Cords

Resistant cords are used for curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls, and back pulls. These upper body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumbar core stability. The cords vary in size to accommodate beginners to advanced conditioning.


Stationary Resistant Swim

The resistant swimming tether training system adds dimension to the range of the TidalFit exercise options. The buoyancy of water provides a virtually weightless environment, allowing you to walk with minimal stress on joints and bones. Walking against the resistance of water also increases the rate at which you burn calories and strengthen muscles.

Tons of Swim Spa features

Bellagio Fall

The optional BellagioFall features three adjustable arches of water. This dramatic effect enhances the environment of your exercise pool, adding to your sensory experience.  Relax while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the BellagioFall water feature. Your backyard getaway is yours to create.

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