Softub Spas®

“Roll… Connect… Enjoy!”

The easiest, most affordable, most enjoyable hot tub hydrotherapy experience starts with Softub Spas® from Colorado Custom Spas! Softub Spas are lightweight (the largest model is just 88 pounds), require no special wiring, and use a unique, advanced heating system that saves you lots of money each month. “Simple is better” has never been more true than with a Softub Spa.

Unique Heating

A Heating System That Saves Your Wallet

Unlike other hot tubs, Softub Spas do not use a dedicated heating unit to warm the water. Instead, Softub Spas use the patented Hydromate® system that incorporates the pump, motor, and heating system into a single unit. These spas are effective and incredibly efficient. Softub Spas cost, on average, just $15 per month to operate! Also, notably, this means that unlike other plug-and-play hot tubs, Softtub spas can operate both heat and jets simultaneously.

Durable and Long Lasting

The Ultimate Portable Hot Tub

Softub Spas are round and lightweight, allowing them to be maneuvered and set up by just one person. It fits through a standard doorway and can be easily rolled from place to place.

Don’t let their lightweight construction fool you. Softub Spas are incredibly durable. They’re made with a solid foam core and finished with marine-grade vinyl. The sides won’t sag at all under the weight of an adult.

Available in Four Models to Suit Your Needs

Softub Spas®

Sportster® 140

Capacity: 1-2 adults
Jets: 4
Therapy Seat: No
Dimensions: 59” x 24”

Softub Spas®

Legend® 220

Capacity: 2-4 adults
Jets: 5
Therapy Seat: No
Dimensions: 71” x 24”

Softub Spas®

Resort® 300

Capacity: 4-6 adults
Jets: 7
Therapy Seat: Yes
Dimensions: 78” x 27”

Softub Spas®


Capacity: 5-6 adults
Jets: 8
Therapy Seat: Yes
Dimensions: 79” x 27”

Truly Simple

As Easy as 1. 2. 3.



Turn your spa on its side and roll it effortlessly into place. Not sure you picked the best location? No problem! Roll it to a different spot in your yard or on your patio and try it out there.



Forget about the time-consuming and expensive process of hiring an electrician to hardwire your new hot tub. Softub Spas plug into a standard, dedicated 15 amp/115 volt outlet.



From the warm water to the hydrotherapy jets, you’ll love every second you spend in your Softub Spa. The heat, water, and jets work together to chase away stress, ease pain, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.