Softub® Portico™ 1

Softub® Portico™

Softub® Portico™ 2

Portico Details


5-6 adults




274 gallons


79” x 27”

  • Built-in Therapy Station™ bench
  • Poseidon Jet with whirlpool Trident Diverter
  • 8 customizable hydrotherapy jets
  • Multi-colored LED underwater lighting
  • Deluxe folding lid with security locking straps
  • Reflectix® heat barrier for greater energy efficiency
  • Barrier-free soaking experience
  • HydroMate® with SmartChip™ patented technology
  • Rolls easily through a standard doorway 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Outer diameter: 79”
  • Inner diameter: 66”
  • Height: 27”

15 amp (115 Volt) dedicated outlet

Softub® Portico™

Find the ultimate comfort and hydrotherapy benefits in the Softub® Portico™ spa! The Portico comes with eight customizable jets, a Therapy Station™ bench, and the innovative Poseidon Jet (the most powerful jet in its class), as well as the Trident Diverter, which diverts all water pressure into a single direction for a whirlpool effect.

The extended Therapy Station bench allows multiple people to take advantage of the ultimate hydrotherapy. It is also the perfect spot for one person to lounge and indulge in a calf and foot massage. With room for five to six people, the Portico is the perfect Softub model for families and those who love to host backyard gatherings.

This hot tub is also designed with Softub Spas’ innovative Reflectix®, an added insulation and radiant-heat barrier that provides even greater energy efficiency. Bring home the best in hydrotherapy and performance with the Portico.

Color Options

SynTex® Exterior Options
Softub® Portico™ 3
Softub® Portico™ 4
Carribean Green
Softub® Portico™ 5
Softub® Portico™ 6
Metalic Blue
Softub® Portico™ 7
Off White
Softub® Portico™ 8
Softub® Portico™ 9
Softub® Portico™ 10