Commercial Hot Tubs of Denver

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Commercial Hot Tubs Leading The Competition

Colorado Custom Spas offers a variety of options for commercial grade hot tubs and spas.  With projects all over Denver and the Rocky Mountains including hotels, universities, condominiums, townhomes, and retirement centers, we are Colorado’s commercial hot tub authority.  Colorado Custom Spas lead the competition in many ways:

  • Commercial Hot Tubs 8Superior acrylic, thermoplastic and fiberglass-reinforced commercial spa shells which increase the durability and life of the spa.
  • Optional self-leveling 2″ welded steel tubing support systems to strengthen the structure and shorten the installation time.  (Traditional wood frames rot)
  • The reduced expenses and increased performance compared to conventional concrete or gunite spa construction.
  • Decades of experience in commercial projects give us the expertise to adapt solutions for each job’s unique requirements
  • Quality, honesty, integrity.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  In addition to hundreds of 5-star reviews, we are A+ rated with the BBB.
  • We represent multiple manufacturers allowing us to provide the right commercial hot tubs for your specific needs.



Commercial Hot Tubs 9Most of our spa models can be custom-built according to the specific requirements of your commercial hot tub project.  Do you need more seating capacity for your hotel or apartment building hot tub installation?  Require more therapy for your university or athletic department spa?  How about safety and ease of use for your retirement community or physical therapy spa?  Maybe your project just needs the most affordable and easy-to-use solution.  No matter your needs, we have a solution.

Additionally, Colorado Custom Spas have the experience to help you navigate the myriad choices, options, and regulations that make commercial projects so much more complicated than residential hot tubs.  Do yourself a favor and call Colorado Custom Spas today for your Colorado commercial hot tub project.  If we don’t have the right solution, nobody does.

  • Customizable therapy jet configurations
  • Customizable location of fittings, plumbing, valving and equipment* (in compliance with safety and regulatory requirements)
  • Saftey hand rails
  • Depth markers
  • Safety tile to easily identify the edge of steps