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Passion Serene 5


LIST $15,299 , RETAIL $10,199 — SALE $5,973

With its cubical layout and geometric lines, the Serene Spas have a clean and progressive design to complement elegant, modern tastes. It features subtle backlighting positioned behind the molded pillows and around the perimeter of the spas under the shell lip. This desirable spa line represents the best in both design and function and comes with high-performance Dual-Source Heating™ to help you achieve and maintain the desired temperature while saving energy.


Tuff Spa TT650


LIST $9,799RETAIL $7,299 — SALE $5,699

Reference #: 63541

Tuff Spas are known for being the most durable spas on the market period. They are custom built from the ground up to handle the harshest weather conditions. Tuff Spas are made with Blue sTUFF Insulation which is made from thermally bonded recycled denim. This Natural Fiber Spa Insulation contains no fiberglass and does not cause itching or skin irritation.

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Bullfrog R6L


LIST $12,945RETAIL $10,499SALE $9,659

Reference #: 313813

The R6L is a quality 4-person spa for installation on patios, balconies, and in smaller spaces, without sacrificing therapy and comfort. The R6L provides a variety of massages, with 3 JetPaks of your choice and a layout that includes a comfortable bent-knee lounge seat with integrated calf and foot jets. The variety of seating types make the R6L perfect individuals that enjoy several different massages.

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Artesian Captiva 45 DB


LIST $21,189RETAIL $18,349SALE $14,999

Reference #: 2176957

The Captiva is a 7′ non-lounger spa with 4 pumps and powerful helix jets to soothe your aching muscles.  The dual-footblaster option rounds out the experience with a powerful foot massage.  You will also find deep tissue neck and shoulder jets in the deepest of the multi-tiered seats.

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Artesian Antigua 45 DB


LIST $21,189RETAIL $18,349SALE $14,999

Reference #: 2261176

The Antigua is a fantastic 7′ lounger hot tub and one of our most popular models.  With 4 total pumps, the helix therapy jets provide a strong, deep-tissue massage.  There are 4 powerful neck and shoulder jets.  The lounger has a full body massage.  And maybe the best part is the dual footblaster jets that soothe your aching feet.  

It doesn’t end there.  You still Artesian’s legendary build quality, lifetime shell construction, energy-efficient full insulation, as well as upgraded LED lights and waterfall.

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Artesian Nevis 45 DB


LIST $20,498RETAIL $17,399SALE $12,500

Reference #: 2252228

The Nevis is one of Artesian’s more popular models.  It’s slightly smaller than a 7′ lounger spa but still has 5 seats plus a cool-down.  You’ll still get Artesian’s legendary build quality, lifetime shell warranty, the Crystal ProPure Ozone sytem which makes maintenance very simple. 

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