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Denver’s Original Hard Top Hot Tub



Why are they called Tuff Spas?

As the name suggests, Tuff Spas are the most durable hot tub available in Denver!  The entire shell, structure and cover are constructed of a special polymer that is virtually indestructible.  This design is ideally suited to the extreme climate conditions found in Denver and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  Traditional hot tub materials simply do not compare to the durability and reliability of a Tuff Spa.  Even the cover is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Don’t fall for the knockoffs that use plastic arms and require special clamps to prevent their covers from warping.  Tuff Spas are the best hard top hot tub available.

Denver hot tub TT250 coverThe Tuff Spa design offers many advantages over conventional acrylic hot tubs:

  • Energy efficiency – Tuff Spas are amongst the most energy efficient hot tubs available.  The exclusive Tuff Top hard top cover is filled with high quality insulation and incorporates a rubber gasket around the perimeter, just like your refrigerator door.  Heat rises, making the cover an integral component in building an energy efficient hot tub.  Traditional vinyl covers just can’t compete.
  • Eco Spas – Tuff Spas are manufactured using eco friendly materials such as Blue Stuff insulation, which is made from recycled blue jean material.  Traditional hot tub insulation methods release toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.
  • Plug & Play – Tuff Spas require only a 120V, 20 amp electrical outlet, saving you time and money.  (All models are easily convertible to 220V at any time)
  • Warranty – You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your spa shell, structure and cover carry a lifetime warranty.  This is the only true lifetime cover warranty in the industry!
  • Portability – Tuff Spas’ solid one piece bottom allows you to place your hot tub on any flat, level surface.  There is no need for an expensive concrete pad.  Tuff Spas are extremely light weight making them very easy to relocate.  With no special wiring required, Tuff Spas truly are a portable hot tub.
  • Ease of operation – Spend time enjoying your hot tub, not maintaining it.  There is no complicated programming, just set it and forget it.  No need to add harsh chemicals every day with our all natural water treatment and conditioner system.  The exclusive Tuff Top hard cover makes it easy for one person to open and close the lid.  Tuff Spas’ artificial stone siding requires no special maintenance.
  • Plumbing and equipment access  – There are 2 access panels on each side of a Tuff Spa.  These are removable, along with the insulation panels, allowing easy access to the plumbing and equipment should the need for repair arise.

If you are looking for a simple, durable, and truly portable hot tub, without all the hassle of 220v wiring and pouring a concrete pad, look no further than Tuff Spas.

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TuffSpas_hard-cover pictureMany of our clients who own mountain rental homes chose Tuff Spas with confidence.  No other hot tub stands up to the abuse like a Tuff Spa.  Their simple, no frills design is built to last a lifetime.