X Series™ SPA Models

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Affordable Luxury

X Series™ Spa Models

Bullfrog’s X Series line of hot tubs brings you the legendary build quality, energy efficiency, and therapy you’ve come to expect while being accessible to the more price conscientious customer.  The X Series spas compete with most other manufacturer’s high-end models, at a significant savings. 

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Built on the durable wood-free EnduraFrame™, the X8 hot tub provides the ultimate hot tub experience of a large, family sized spa that is built to last a lifetime.  The open seating layout maximizes the space.  Each seat is a different depth to accommodate people of varying heights.


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Relax after a long day in this spacious and therapeutic hot tub. Equipped with a full-body massage in a premium reclined seat, the X8L is the perfect blend of relaxation and hydrotherapy.   You’ll love the calf and foot massage of the lounger chair.  Enjoy a peaceful night with your special someone or call up some friends, this spa can easily fit up to 6 adults with plenty of space.

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Designed to be open, therapeutic and comfortable, the X7 is the perfect hot tub for those looking to maximize their space. Like the X8 model, this spa has 8 seats, though in a slightly smaller footprint.  The Bullfrog X7 is equipped with 2 different “cool-down” areas, which are raised seats that allow more of your body to be out of the water.

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The X7L is the same size as the X7, though it has a lay-down lounger seat.  This configuration means that there are 2 less seats, however the calf and foot massage in that spot more than make up for it.  The X7L has a single cool-down seat.

X Series Spas 6


Though with a slightly smaller footprint, the X6L still has 6 seats making it the perfect spa for smaller families while maintaining more of your patio space.  This lounger spa will soothe away the stresses of your life and is very competitively priced. 

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These days, round hot tubs and spas are hard to find.  The Bullfrog X6R is 79″ in diameter and has 3 different tiered seating heights.  The powerful whirpool jet creates a swirling motion to the water for that old-school round hot tub experience.  This model is even available in 110v configuration.

X Series Spas 8


If you’re an empty nester, couple without kids or enjoying the single life, the X5L is the perfect spa for you. Compact and intimate, this hot tub fits into tight spaces indoors or outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy a romantic night with your spouse or enjoy a private soak after a workout and let the affordable hydromassage features take your worries away.