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Over the last 30+ years, Artesian Spas has earned a reputation for high quality hot tubs with innovative features not found in other spas.  Headquarted in Las Vegas, Nevada, Artesian has resisted the lure of cheap labor and the lack of EPA regulations associated moving their production facilities to Mexico.  They believe that American craftsmanship cannot be replicated across the border.  Their dedication to innovation, quality, and keeping jobs in America are just a few of the reasons Colorado Custom Spas has chosen to partner with them.

With 4 distinct lines, Artesian Spas has a hot tub model for everyone’s needs or budget

Clean Water With No Chemical Smell or Dry Skin

Gone are the days of complicated maintenance and harsh chemical smells.  Artesian Spas’ patented water management system (Crystal AOP) combines multiple technologies to create pure, sparkling water, without the need  to constantly add harsh chemicals.  The combination of micron filtration, minerals, UV light, and ozone destroy bacteria with no chemical smell and no effort on your part.  It’s automatic.  Simply set it, and forget it.

When combined with the inline @Ease system, you’ll only need to spend about 3 minutes per month treating your hot tub water.  No more odors, dry itchy skin, or pretending to be a chemist.  You’ll spend more time enjoying your hot tub and relaxing.  This system is fantastic!


What separates Artesian Spas from the rest of the pack?

No single feature or design element makes a hot tub great.  Artesian has carefully crafted a system where each component compliments the others.  A system where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

  • Massage – Artesian Spas’ patented helix jets provide exceptional deep tissue massage.  The water exits the jet nozzle in a helix pattern creating a subtle twisting motion.  These jets are more therapeutic than the standard hot tub jets used in many hot tubs.  Instead of a nozzle that sprays water, Helix Jets massage away your aches and pains.
  • colorado hot tub jetsJet Power and Control – In most hot tubs, to get full power in one seat you must divert the flow from another reducing it’s therapy.  Artesian’s Direct Flow system (see video below) gives each seat it’s own dedicated pump allowing full control over the intensity of the massage.  This means that each person can adjust the therapy level of their own seat without affecting the other bathers.  With up to 6 pumps Artesian Spas provide more power than any other hot tub available.


  • Durability and Peace of Mind – Designed to withstand Colorado’s Rocky Mountain weather, every single Artesian Spa carries a lifetime warranty on the shell and structure. They are one of the few companies building a hand-rolled, self-supporting fiberglass shell for their hot tubs.  All plumbing lines are glued and clamped.  Components such as pumps and heaters are all manufactured by Balboa and covered for up to 5 years.  They do not use any proprietary parts.  In the rare case that a problem does occur, Colorado Custom Spas’ renowned support team is available 7 days a week.


  • Energy Efficiency – Artesian Spas tackles energy efficiency from multiple angles.  Switchless motors and an upgraded ProGuard cover compliment the fully insulated (full foam) substructure.  Artesian spas only uses the highest quality Icynene foam insulation.  Additionally, the entire perimeter is lined with a special reflective insulating layer.  As many of our customers tell us, you probably won’t even notice a difference on your energy bill when you own and Artesian Spa.  They are that energy efficient!


*Without the support of foam insulation, hot tub plumbing is constantly vibrating and being pulled down by the weight of the water (8.3 lbs per gallon).  This puts significant stress on the glue joints and fittings leading to an increased likelihood of problems and leaks.  Beware the salesman’s pitch that says less insulation is somehow better for Colorado.  

  • Foot Blasters – Often an afterthought, most hot tubs use regular back jets in the footwell for a mediocre foot massage.  With 15 different nozzles and an entire 3hp motor dedicated to powering them, Artesian’s Footblaster jets are the absolute best foot jets available!  The large diameter and high flow rate allow the water to fully envelope your feet and travel up your legs for a lower body massage like no other.


  • Neck Jets – Many people carry their stress in the neck and shoulder area.  Artesian Spas neck jets are extremely powerful (you can dial them back if need be) and engineered to provide the perfect massage for your aching neck.  You’ll feel the stress simply melt away.


  • Pure Water – Having crystal clear water in your hot tub without all of the harsh chemical smells was no simple task.  Artesian’s water management systems have finally solved the age old problem associated with traditional hot tub water treatment.  See diagram below

AOP (1)

These are just a few of the many reasons that make Artesian Spas a great choice for your hot tub in Denver

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Island Spas by Artesian are the perfect blend of therapy, performance, and features

Island Spas may be known for the powerful and therapeutic deep tissue massage of their Helix jets, but it’s the combination of multiple elements that make them the ultimate mind and body wellness product.  The relaxing sounds of a tranquil waterfall, the ambiance of beautiful LED mood lighting, and crystal pure water all play an important role in melting your stress away.

Each and every design decision is made with this ultimate goal in mind… total relaxation and stress relief

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Introducing the all new 533DL by Artesian Spas!  This double lounger 3 person hot tub is one of a kind.  Most double lounger hot tubs are big 6 to 8 persons spas.  Finally a double lounger hot tub for those looking for a smaller, less expensive spa.  With 33 jets powered by a 6hp pump, this hot tub rocks!!  The upgraded @ease inline water management, combined with advanced plasma gap ozone technology means you’ll have crystal clear water with no chemical smell.  You’ll spend your time enjoying your spa, not maintaining it.  Simply replace the @ease cartridge once per month, add a cap full of non-chlorine shock, and your done!

South Seas Spas prove that you don’t have to sacrifice therapy and features for the sake of affordability

For those unwilling to compromise on quality and performance without breaking the bank, look no further.  Perhaps the best value in the hot tub industry, South Seas Spas provide everything you would expect in a luxury hot tub at a budget friendly price point.  Powerful jets, LED lights, waterfalls, energy efficiency, and pure healthy water are no longer exclusive to only the most expensive hot tubs.

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Hot tub options tend to be limited for those who have a smaller patio, limited budget, or just appreciate a more simple design.  Garden Spas provide an alternative that still retains the legendary quality and reliability Artesian Spas is known for.  110v or 220v convertible, they require no special wiring.  Simply plug in and relax.