Island Spas - Grand Bahama Elite 1

Island Spas - Grand Bahama Elite 2
Island Spas - Grand Bahama Elite 3

Island Elite Spas are Powered with DirectFlow Technology. The two Captain Seats allow you to control water pressure to your own preference creating the utlimate personalized hydrotherapy option.

Seating Capacity 6
Size 91″ x 91″ x 36″ 231 x 231 x 91 cm
Dry Weight 947 lbs 460 kg
Filled Weight 4,551 lbs 2,064 kg
Water Capacity 450 gl 1,703 lt
Pumps (1) 6.0 bhp 1 spd
(3) 3.0 bhp 1 spd
(1) 24 hour circulation pump
Controls (2) DirectFlow™


5″ Helix Direct 4
4.5″ Helix Roto 8
3″ Helix Multi-Massage 4
3″ Helix Direct 12
3″ Helix Roto 10
2.75″ Helix 24
7″ Ultra Blaster 2
Ozone/Drain Jet SS 1
Total Jets 65

Pumps are rated at break horse power.
FB – Footblasters

Specifications are subject to change without notice.Spa images have been digitally rendered and may or may not show optional features.


Island Spas - spa within a spa imageSpa within a Spa
The “spa within a spa” design allows for increased bather capacity and prevents spillover.

Island Spas - Helix jets pictureCrescent Helix SS Jets Design
Ground-breaking Helix jets deliver deep muscle penetration for an effective massage. The unique Helix design delivers an active massage even through static jets.

Island Spas ergonomic design Ergonomic Design
Comfortable, ergonomic seats are at varied depths to accommodate different spa users.

Island Spas Control PanelIsland Control Panel
The dashboard layout of spa controls makes it easy for
users to control the spa while bathing.

Island Spas Neck JetsNeck Jets
Soothe your neck and shoulder pain with the Island’s neck jets.

Construction and PlumbingConstruction & Plumbing
The Island’s leak-resistant plumbing is comprised of
special high-quality flexpipe and hoses.

WhisperPure Pump

WhisperPure™ Circulation Pump
Island Spas come standard with an energy-efficient circulation system and micro filter.

Island Spas standard coverStandard Spa Cover
The ASTM Deluxe safety cover adds insulation value and protects your spa. Relax knowing your spa is being kept safe and insulated.

Island Spas warrantyWarranty
The standard Island Spas warranty comes standard with lifetime for structure, five years for surface, three years for electrical and plumbing, two year for cabinet.

Full foam insulation is used between the cabinet and the shell for optimum heat retention and unparalleled plumbing security.


CrystalAOPCrystal AOP™ ProPure Advanced Oxidation combines the Nature2 option, Microfiltration, high efficiency Circ Pump, UVC, Ozone and a ProPure Mixer to create the  most advanced oxidation process (AOP) for water purification.

CrystalProPureCrystal ProPure™ Ozone
Mixing Chamber
combines the Ozonator, Dynamic Injector, and the ProPure Mixing Chamber. All components work together to create an innovative water purification system.

Frog EASE In-Line SystemFROG® @ease™ In-line System combines patented SmartChlor™ technology and Fresh Mineral Water™. This self-regulating system makes water management easy.

5 Year WarrantyWarranty
The optional Island Spas warranty comes with lifetime for structure, seven years for surface, five years for electrical and plumbing, two years for Kingwood cabinet.

DynaBright LED lightingLED Lighting
The addition of DynaStar LED, DynaPoint LED, DynaBrite LED lighting and Multicolored 10 LED systems to your spa illuminates the texture and detail of the spa’s interior, and the spa’s cabinet.

Island Spas Pillow FallPillowfall
Let the warm water flow over your neck and shoulders for the ultimate in relaxation.

Island Spas Tranquility Fall pictureTranquility Fall
This peaceful waterfall provides color therapy and the soothing sounds of falling water – creating a relaxing environment like no other.

Island Spas Pulsating WavePulsating Wave
The gental touch of the pulsating wave is created by water spiraling out in a twisting manner, providing pulsating and massaging pressure. *Not available on single footblaster models & 33 jet count models.

One soothing moment enjoying the Footblasters and you will agree that it is superior to any other foot massage.

Clear FootblastersClear Footblasters
Unique clear footblaster design, with LED lighting, will give your spa a dynamic feature.

Island Spas OzonatorOzonator
Use of Ozone means that fewer harsh chemicals are needed to keep the spa water clean.

Nature2 Water PurificationNature2® Water Purification
Silver minerals are used to naturally destroy bacteria and algae in your spa, which means that fewer chemicals are needed.

Worldwide WiFi ModuleWorldwide WiFi App Module
Use your smart phone to change your spa’s filtration and temperature settings.

Stereo Sound SystemSound System
Choose between the bba™ Bluetooth Audio System, Premium Infinity® System by Harman, or the Bluetooth® Music Experience.

ProGuard Spa Cover UpgradeProGuard Spa Cover
The heavy-duty ProGuard spa cover adds insulation value to your spa and is particularly important if your spa is exposed to extreme cold.

Permawood CabinetsKingwood and Rock Cabinets
Our optional synthetic Kingwood and Rock spa cabinets are lighter in weight than wood and also more resilient and durable

PermaBase ABS PanPermaBase ABS Pan
Island Spas can be fitted with a tough, rigid ABS thermoplastic base pan. Completely waterproof and weather resistant, this base protects your spa from the ground up.