Model A5L 1
Model A5L 2


Model A5L 3









5’8” x 7” x 2’8”

Standard Dimensions (W x L x H) 5′ 8″ x 7’ x 2’ 8’
Metric Dimensions (W x L x H) 1.72m x 2.13m x .81m
Seats 3
Premium JetPak® Seats 2-3
Lounge Seats 1
Cool Down / Child Seats 0
Electrical Requirements 240V~30/50A
Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 202 gallons (765 liters)
Water Capacity (max fill) 287 gallons (1086 liters)
*Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes cover) 639 lbs./3035 lbs. (290 kg / 1377 kg)
EnduraFrame™ Construction (injection-molded spa frame) Standard
Patio Performance™ Spa Cover Standard
EternaWood™ Standard or Select Cabinet Two standard options or four two-tone Select options.
Simplicity® Filtration System Standard
2.5 HP/240V Two-Speed Pumps 1
Heater (dual overheat protection) 4.0kW
A Series Audio Optional
CloudControl 2™ Wi-Fi Control Module for smart device app spa control. Optional
EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System: Powerful oxidation, mixing chamber for enhanced water purification, eliminates 99% of ozone gases. Optional
FROG® @ease® Water Care System: Use up to 75% less chlorine and enjoy fresh, clean mineral water. Optional
WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System: Impactful oxidation decreases chemical application needs. Optional
WellSpring™ Dedicated Filtration Pump Optional
Lighted Cup Holders Standard
Standard or Premium Water Feature Standard
Exterior Safety Light Standard
Headrests (Options differ depending on Standard, Select or Premium package) Standard
Maximum Jets Available 138

Lifetime on EnduraFrame™ injection-molded spa frame | Ten years on shell structure | Seven years on shell surface | Five years on equipment, EternaWood™ cabinet, and JetPak Therapy System™ | Three years on Patio Performance™ spa cover | One year on lighting, audio, and ozone.


The Bullfrog® Spas A5L is the answer for singles and couples who are looking to relax after a long day. This spa is designed to deliver unparalleled relaxation and comfort while providing a picturesque view of your surroundings.

The A5L is equipped with two to three JetPak® massage options, ensuring a truly soothing and customized experience. It’s packed with elite features that enhance your relaxation without overwhelming your indoor space or intimate backyard. Comfort takes center stage in the versatile A5L, featuring a premium lounge seat and jets dedicated to your calves, hamstrings, and wrists.

What is a JetPak? JetPaks are interchangeable seat backs, each one with a different configuration of jets. One JetPak may provide deep relief to neck and back pain while another gives a relaxing gentle massage across your whole back. There are 15 different JetPaks to choose from, and with the A5L, you get to select your favorite two to three JetPaks to customize your spa, depending on your model and options choice.

Experience the epitome of comfort and relaxation with the A5L by Bullfrog Spas, where elite features and tailored comfort are the calling cards of spa spendor.


Your A Series™ spa features the patented JetPak Therapy System™. This unique and proprietary technology provides you with your choice of up to 15 different massages.


A Series spas feature a unique JetPak® of your choice in each premium seat. By selecting your JetPaks and placing them in the spa seats you like, you decide exactly how you want your spa experience to feel.

Trim Package Quick Comparison

Model A5L 4


  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels
  • Standard headrests
  • Standard water feature
  • Standard lighting
  • Eight-button standard control
Model A5L 5

A5L Plus

  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels​
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium three-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control
Model A5L 3

A5L Select

  • Select two-tone cabinetry
  • Select Tungsten metallic jet bezels​
  • Select lighting under headrests​
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium three-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control

Color Options

Exterior Cabinet Colors

Personalize your A Series spa with two standard cabinet colors or four two-tone Select* cabinet options. From exterior cabinet to shell, cover, and trim accessories, your spa will be a beautiful and stylish focal point of your home.

Model A5L 7
Coastal Gray
Model A5L 8
Woodland Brown
Model A5L 9
Aspen with Timber Accent*
Model A5L 10
Ebony with Timber Accent*
Model A5L 11
Lodge with Ebony Accent*
Model A5L 12
Timber with Ebony Accent*
Model A5L 13
Model A5L 14
Model A5L 15
Model A5L 16
Model A5L 17
Model A5L 18