Passion Spas Dealers

Passion Spas Dealers

4 Reasons to Buy a Passion Spa from Passion Spas Dealers

There’s no denying it. Life is better with your own personal hot tub.

When you decide to purchase a spa for your home, you’re immediately bombarded with decisions. Between choosing the type of spa you want and then looking at all of the different brands, it can get a little overwhelming.

But most importantly, how do you find the best spa dealers? This is the place where you can start your search. As the right spa for you is important, so is the dealer you purchase it from. As there are different qualities in spas, this goes the same for dealers.

At Colorado Custom Spas, we are spa dealers for the best spas around, and our newest line that we are happy to sell is the Passion Spas.

As Passion Spas Dealers, we would like to tell you more about this newest brand we now offer.

If you need more relaxation and mental wellness in your life, then Passion Spas are the way to go. Here are four reasons why they’re among the best hot tubs available.

1. Next Level Design

The people at Passion Spas are passionate about making use of every inch of the hot tub. This ensures that anyone who has a session in one of their products is optimally relaxed and comfortable.

The seating is¬†pleasurable and the locations of the lights, jets, and other features are designed with your experience in mind. All of the controls are reachable from wherever you’re seated, so you can focus on your mindset and not trying to get comfortable.

2. Ecological Mindset

Not every hot tub manufacturer takes the environmental impact of their products very seriously. Several of the features in the Passion Spa’s line of products are designed with the environment in mind, notably their Dual Source Heating technology.

With this innovative tech, the massage pumps use friction to heat up the water molecules and reduce the work that the electric heater has to do to maintain the water temperature. Furthermore, the programmable controls on Passion Spa products allow you to set a timer for when your spa turns on and off. All of this combined with an incredible build with powerful insulation means that your Passion Spa is about as low-impact on the environment as possible.

3. Full-Body Massage

Why do most people invest in personal spas?

Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand and one of the best ways to relax your mind and soothe your body is with hydrotherapy. All Passion spas have numerous massage features that work on literally every section of your body.

This is only possible because the designers and engineers at Passion have always worked closely with physiotherapists to create massage experiences, namely the Aqua Rolling Massage, Therapy Zone, and Levitation Bed.

4. Clear Water

Water purification is an important factor in choosing a hot tub. Cheap, poorly manufactured spas don’t filter the water very well and you end up in a pool of chemicals and filth, which can obviously be counterproductive for your rest, relaxation, and overall health.

The Synergy Water Maintenance System that comes in all Passion Spa hot tubs uses a multi-faceted system to keep your water completely crystal clear. This not only gives you peace of mind and a better experience, but it reduces the need for extra sanitation maintenance, which can be time and money-consuming.

Get Your Passion Spa at Colorado Custom Spas

At Colorado Custom Spas, we are the newest and now one of the biggest dealers of Passion Spa hot tubs in the state. To learn more about Passion Spas and browse various products and their features, visit our website today. We can help you decide which model is for you and get you set up with helpful installation tips.

Don’t wait on improving your mental and physical health. Contact us, your Colorado Passion Spas Dealers, to get a Passion Spa today and live your life to the max.

As Passion Spas Dealers feel free to visit one of our store locations: Denver, CO and Castle Rock CO.

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