Swim Spas vs. Pools: Which is Right for Your Backyard?

a man exercising in a swim spa with a row kit

You may be interested in getting a swim spa, but when you tell someone else about it, they may ask, “Why wouldn’t you just get a regular pool? What’s the difference?” While they both offer their own perks and benefits, there are some reasons why one would be better for you than the other. But how do you decide which one is right for you and your backyard? Let’s compare.

A Swimming Pool May Be Right for You If…

You have a big backyard.

If you have a large backyard with lots of empty space, a pool is a great way to utilize that space. They make a stunning focal point, are fun for the whole family, and can really transform the look and function of your backyard.

You want to host big backyard parties.

It’s not that you can’t host a backyard party with a swim spa. You can! Just be aware that the number of people who can swim in a swim spa will be fewer than in a traditional pool.

Things to Keep in Mind About Pools

Swimming pools are higher maintenance than swim spas.

Pools take a lot more work to care for. Along with having to make sure the system and equipment that cleans your pool water is operating properly, you also have to sweep and/or vacuum the pool floor and walls and skim the surface of the water for debris. And when it comes to chemicals, the expense for a large body of water can be steep.

Swimming pools are also more expensive.

While swim spas are amazing, they don’t cost nearly as much as building a swimming pool. Pool installation time usually takes longer than a swim spa, too.

A Swim Spa May Be Right for You If…

You’re looking to enhance your fitness lifestyle.

Swim spas are specifically designed for fitness and offer more exercise capabilities than a pool. Along with swimming, you can row, aqua bike, or run on a treadmill. You’ll also have the restance of the endless current for swim and exercise. Most pools don’t offer those extras.

You have a small backyard.

If you have a small backyard that won’t fit a traditional pool, a swim spa is a great alternative! You can enjoy swimming and cooling off in the heat, just in a more compact swimming vessel.

You want a pool and a hot tub.

Can’t decide between getting a pool or a hot tub? Or do you want both but don’t have the room in your backyard or budget? Get the best of both worlds with a swim spa. You can swim against the current, then relax and recover in the spa seats. It’s a win-win!

You can swim in them all year long.

Unless you have a heated pool, most pool owners have to button up and close their pool for winter. Not so with a swim spa. Just turn up the heat and keep enjoying your routine swim year-round. This is a particularly good perk for Colorado.

Things to Keep in Mind About Swim Spas

You can enjoy your swim spa with friends and family.

While a swim spa’s compact size can be perfect for a solo swim, it is also large enough to enjoy with others. If you’re looking to host backyard parties, your guests will love their turn trying out your new swim spa.

They require specialized care.

While a swim spa is lower maintenance than a pool, they still require maintenance. It’s not quite exactly the same as caring for a hot tub, but it is much less than caring for a pool. Buying your new swim spa from a reputable dealer like Colorado Custom Spas gives you the support you need throughout your ownership years.

If you aren’t sure if a swim spa is right for you, contact us at Colorado Custom Spas to schedule your private wet test. That way we can answer any questions you may have about swim spas while you test one out to see if it’s a good fit for you. Or, stop by and see us today!

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