The Best Area to Put an In-ground Swim Spa in a Backyard

man swimming in an in-ground swim spa in an area in his backyard in the snow

There are many ways to install a swim spa in your backyard. However, if you intend to do an in-ground swim spa, your backyard should meet some requirements to ensure the best installation.

The best area to put an in-ground swim spa in a backyard is…

An area that is flat, even, and spacious.

If you have a sloped backyard, there are multiple ways to install a swim spa, like semi-inground or placed next to or on top of a deck. However, it is not recommended to install a swim spa fully in-ground if your yard has a sharp incline.

It’s best to install an in-ground swim spa on a flat, even surface to keep the spa level and easy to care for. The area should also have good drainage and sturdy soil. You’ll also want to ensure that the area is big enough to fit the swim spa and has plenty of room for a walkway around it.

An area that is near other backyard amenities.

Do you have an outdoor kitchen or patio area with a fire pit? Placing your swim spa in the ground near these backyard amenities will improve the overall function of your backyard and make entertaining guests a breeze! Anyone swimming or soaking in the swim spa can still chat with whomever is manning the grill or sitting around the fire pit.

An area that is within walking distance of your house.

Nothing can discourage you from using your in-ground swim spa like it being too far of a walk! Plus, you’d have to pack everything with you, like flip-flops or other shoes, towels, sunscreen, workout gear… you almost might as well go to a public pool.

Keeping it close to your house means it’ll probably be closer to the utilities needed to operate it, like electricity and water. It will also mean the area is probably well lit, which means that you can enjoy your swim spa for longer hours and also increase safety after dark.

And finally, if you have kids enjoying the swim spa while you supervise, you can better keep an eye on them if it’s nearby. Speaking of kids…

An area that can be fenced off and secure.

If you are going to be installing your swim spa in the ground and you have kids and/or pets, you need to treat it like any other in-ground swimming area and set up security measures to keep your little ones safe.

Along with a locking cover, it is highly recommended (and required in some municipalities) that the swim area be fenced off with a locking gate.

An area that is away from trees and bushes.

Landscaping around your in-ground swim spa is a great idea! But it’s best to use potted plants or place your swim spa under a pergola with climbing vines. 

Trees and bushes may deposit too many leaves — and if they are fruit-bearing, fruit — in your swim spa. But even that can be mitigated with a good cover and routine skimming of the water.

The biggest issue that trees and bushes pose to an in-ground swim spa is that their roots can damage pipelines, crack cabinets, and cause leaks and other needed repairs, all underground. So, install your in-ground swim spa in an area that is free and clear of trees and bushes and their entangling roots.

Questions about installing an in-ground swim spa?

If you have any questions about the process of installing a swim spa in-ground or if your backyard meets these requirements, get in touch with Colorado Custom Spas! We can answer any questions you may have. We can help you find the best swim spa for your backyard and decide on the best route for installation. Get in touch with us today! And follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or check out our installation ideas page for inspiration.

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