Your Colorado Custom Spa Team

Come visit our stores in Denver or Castle Rock and say “hello” to your Colorado Custom Spa Team.  We look forward to seeing you!

The Team 1


Sam first started in the spa industry in 1996 and knows more about hot tub brands, construction, water chemistry and other aspects than just about anyone in this industry.  Customers love talking with Sam because they know they’ll get a straight and very accurate answer from him on just about any hot tub question.

Fun Fact: Sam works a ton, but when he’s not here you might find him playing guitar and drums or riding a skateboard.

The Team 2


Born in Hawaii, raised in California, and living in Colorado since 2002, Stan loves the outdoor life, especially skiing.  When he’s not at work you’ll find him coaching his kids’ flag football, soccer, lacrosse, or basketball.  Stan has traveled to nearly every spa manufacturer in North America and even designed an entire line of hot tubs and swim spas.

Fun Fact: Stan loves tennis and won a state championship at his level.  He’s no spring chicken anymore so you’ll often find him soaking in a spa for relief.

The Team 3


Adam is a Colorado native and just graduated from the Denver Fire Academy.  Certified EMT, track star at University of Northern Colorado, and co-author of a health study for the American College of Sports Medicine are just a few other interesting achievements for Adam.

Fun Fact: Adam just ran the Colfax half-marathon….on a whim!  He didn’t have anything else to do that day, so why not?

The Team 4


Justin was born in Burlington, VT and served in the US Army for 3 years.  He moved to Colorado in 2005.  He’s been helping customers for 16 years and is one of the nicest people you’ll work with.  In his spare time Justin can be found hiking and camping in the mountains.

Fun Fact: Justin was voted “Most likely to help you reach something off the top shelf”.  (He’s 6’5″)

The Team 5


The Team 6


Scott was born in Fort Collins and has lived in Colorado his whole life.  In his free time he enjoys fishing, camping, and gaming.  He’s a funny guy and keeps the office constantly laughing.  Scott’s contributions to our team can perhaps best be summed up in the words of a customer, “If you need someone to model excellent customer service…… Scott is your guy.  I can trust that he will do the right thing every time, without needing prompting. His communication, promptness, & professionalism is exceptional.”  This is just one example of many in which customers have praised his customer service.

Suffice it to say, Scott is a valuable member of our team and we love him 🙂

The Team 7


Mason has been with us now for a couple of years and is the youngest member of the team, earning him the nickname ” Young Buck”.  He’s also very tall at 6’4″.  We love Mason for his fun, laid back personality.  He constantly has the rest of the team cracking up.  He was born and raised in Colorado and spends his free time either up in the mountains or going to concerts.

The Team 8


Having spent the majority of his life in Virginia Beach, Kevin is new to Colorado.  He brings 7 years of electrical troubleshooting experience to the company and has been a valuable addition to our service department.  A testament to his diligence and work ethic, Keven attained the level of Eagle Scout.  With deep knowledge and interest in metalsmithing, he intends to build his own blacksmith forge from the ground up!  Kevin is a very analytical guy and is most likely who you will speak with if you call in with a technical question.

The Team 9


Jared started in the hot tub industry in 2015 at the Copper Mountain Ski Resort.  Born and raised in Colorado, Jared enjoys the outdoors, fishing, dirt biking, and shooting.  He’s a very passionate guy who takes pride in his attention to detail and work ethic.  If your hot tub breaks down, Jared is the guy you want working on it.  He’s super knowledgeable and will take his time get things done the proper way.  Our customers love him for being an honest, straight shooter who will go above and beyond to take care of their needs.  He’s always the first to volunteer when we need something extra from the team.

The Team 10


Chris was born and raised in California.  His family owned a hot tub store so he was delivering spas from a very young age.  He has 2 boys with another on the way.  When not hard at work delivering hot tubs he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and fishing.  Chris is a jovial guy and fun to be around.  The rest of the delivery team really appreciates his strength.  Hot tubs are heavy 🙂

The Team 11


The Team 12


The Team 13


The Team 14


Dan was born right here in Colorado and runs our delivery department.  He enjoys fishing and relaxing at home with his family and puppies.  He is a quiet guy but that doesn’t stop him from going above and beyond for our customers.  After being in the field for several years the team likes to rib him for his newfound office/phone voice.

Fun Fact: Dan breeds reptiles and has 30+ living in his home, a fact that prevents some of our team from visiting.