4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Massage Chair

massage chair

Have you decided it is time to add a little more luxury self-care to your life? A massage chair from Colorado Custom Spas can do just the trick. Imagine having not only your favorite chair to curl up in after work each day but a chair that can work out any stress and tension built up. If it sounds too good to be true, just come into our Denver or Castle Rock locations to try one out for yourself. Then consider these four things before picking the perfect massage chair for you. 


The first thing to consider in any purchase is the budget. Shopping for a massage chair is no different. These chairs can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars all the way to upwards of ten grand for really fancy options. There is an option for anyone shopping, though. We can accommodate these budgets for you to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable with the price when you leave our store. No buyer’s remorse here!

We do caution you to be hesitant of any chair you may find at a big box store that is too cheap. It seems like a fantastic deal because they cut a lot of corners. How unfortunate would it be to invest a few hundred dollars or even a thousand into something only to have it break before the year is out? Or worse, to have a lackluster massage experience in the chair and still need to purchase a better model to get what you need from it.

Chair Size

After narrowing down your budget, consider the chair size you want or what your space needs. Some chairs may take up more space than others, and it is essential to know what type of space you have before buying your chair. Measure twice and write things down before coming into the store to shop.

You should also consider whether you need a large or small chair. Many chairs are designed to fit the “average” person. If you fall outside of that range, you will want to be sure your chair can accommodate it. Our chairs can fit anyone from 4’11” to 6’9” and up to 300 pounds.

Desired Features

Now the fun part! What features do you want your chair to have? You can get massage chairs with heated functions, cool-zone functions, built-in tablet or phone holders, cup holders, etc. The sky’s is the limit when it comes to fun features. Think about some fun things that would be nice to have while you are enjoying your chair and have those listed when you come in to shop. This will allow our consultants to better direct you to a chair that fits all of your wants and needs. 

Types of Massages Offered

Is there a specific part of your body that holds stress? Obviously, you will want to be sure the massage chair can get to that spot. Different types of massages are offered in different chairs and even tracks that can be placed in the chair. That’s why it is important to try one out in-store before purchasing. 

That means it is time for you to stop by either of our locations to try out our brand-new massage chair options. Our consultants are available as always to help answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the best massage chair for you.

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