5 Halloween Games to Play in Your Hot Tub

Medium shot of a hot tub with orange light panels running vertically on the corners of the tub's frame. Three jack-o-lanterns sit by the bottom of the hot tub in the lower right-hand corner. A Halloween party in a hot tub like this requires Halloween Games to Play in Your Hot Tub.

There are two parties you need to throw this fall: a Halloween party and a hot tub party. So why not whip up Halloween games to play in your hot tub? Between the hydrotherapy, laughs, and screams, this is sure to be one of the most fun Halloween events you and your guests have ever experienced.

Halloween Games to Play in Your Hot Tub

When you finally decide to make your Halloween party a hot tub party, congratulate yourself! You’re embracing the creative, festive side of your hot tub ownership. And you’re about to hold an event for the history books.

At Colorado Custom Spas, we get excited about Denver hot tub owners who love to have fun. So, we’ve put together a short list of Halloween games to play in your hot tub.  Keep a bowl of heat-tolerant candy nearby. Offer a piece to every winner… or as you see fit. Just don’t scarf down too much sugar while you’re in the cauldron.

1. Masquerade

A traditional costume party may not go over so well in your hot tub. That is, unless you hold a mini masquerade ball. While your lower body sits submerged in the aquatic bliss, disguise your gorgeous faces with equally gorgeous masks and/or headdresses. 

Better yet, make it a contest. Have everyone decorate their own mask before the party, and take votes on whose is the best. It will be like Halloween and Mardi Gras!

2. Ghost Story Contest

Remember those times when you were a kid sharing ghost stories with your buddies around a campfire? Now, you’re an adult. So what do you do? Do the same thing, but replace the condition of “around a campfire” with “in a hot tub” and make it a contest.

If you really want to play a little mischief on your friends, hook them with a story about haunted pirate ships and souls lost at sea. That’ll really freak them out as they’re sitting in the water!

3. Situation Puzzle Games

Situation puzzles make for great fun at a party — even when it’s not Halloween. A designated narrator tells a pre-written story (often about a death), and the remaining players take turns asking yes/no questions in an effort to solve the mystery.

These games are available in both a board game format and in various apps for your mobile device. 

4. Pool Noodle Memory

We can write another hundred blogs about the uses of pool noodles. We’ve brainstormed a fun way to incorporate them into your hot tub Halloween games. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pool noodles (go with Halloween colors if you can)
  • A utility knife
  • Duct tape (again, Halloween colors if you can)
  • Pairs of Halloween charms / foam Halloween stickers 

Slice the pool noodles with the knife into doughnuts about an inch thick. Cover one side of each piece with duct tape. Flip over the doughnut and apply a sticker across the opening (or insert a charm into the opening so it’s nice and secure).

You’ve just made floating Memory cards for your hot tub! Have fun matching your mummies, ghosts, and black cats.

5. Playlist Shuffle

No Halloween is complete without a spooky playlist. Once you’ve assembled your best tunes for the occasion, make a game out of it. 

You are the DJ. Have the playlist on a mobile device and put it in shuffle mode. Then, hit “Play.” The first person to correctly identify the song and the artist earns points. Repeat this process to your content to see who the real music nerd is. 

Your Hot Tub Boo Bash

So, what Halloween hot tub games will you play in your hot tub? Contact us at Colorado Custom Spas and let us know. Don’t have a hot tub? Call us! We’ll start your journey to a fantastic wellness experience at home just in time for the big day.

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