Can I Safely Put My Dog In My Hot Tub?

Can I Safely Put My Dog In My Hot Tub?

Can I Put My Dog In My Hot Tub?

For devoted pet owners who like to take their dogs everywhere with them, the hot tub may not be the best place to bond. When you mix hot tubs and dogs, you get hot dogs and hairy tubs — it’s not the greatest combination. In this article we provide you with some answers to your questions, “Can I Safely Put My Dog In My Hot Tub”?

Can I Safely Put My Dog In My Hot Tub? 1 Dogs regulate body temperature differently than people. The human body uses sweat to lower body temperature, and people enjoy the detoxifying attributes of a hot tub session. Since dogs have fur, they often sweat through their paw pads, which are underwater in a spa. Panting also cools dogs down. However, the 102-degree setting of most hot tubs can quickly stress your dog’s system and tire them out.

Not So Relaxing

While bonding with other people in a hot tub appeals to many humans, it’s not actually that much fun for dogs. If your pet is used to being around water, they might leap before they look and get themselves in hot water. It’s also highly unlikely that your furry pal will obey spa etiquette rules. Instead of sitting back and relaxing, they are more likely to swim around in the combined space That’s about as relaxing for you as it sounds. So, remember your favorite beverage when you go into the hot tub but leave your dog out of the equation.

Need More Reasons to Keep Your Dog Out of the Spa?

Here are additional reasons dogs and hot tubs do not mix.

  • Hair’s the problem. Dog hair clogs up the drain and is hard to clean out of the spa.
  • Toxins. Flea repellents and other chemicals wash off in the water and may irritate your skin.
  • Spa damage. Most dogs don’t like confining spaces. If they panic and clamber out, their toenails may damage the hot tub.
  • Bad chemistry. The chemicals used to keep the hot tub clean may irritate or dry out your dog’s skin.
  • Keep your dog safe. If you have a small dog, they can easily drown in a hot tub. many small breeds can’t reach the seat and may tire in the high temperatures. To avoid a scary rescue, make the spa off limits to pets.
  • Hot temperatures. With settings of 102 degrees, typical spas are just too hot for your dog.

Doggie Spas

Can I Safely Put My Dog In My Hot Tub? 2 Chances are, your pet wants to spend time with you more than they want a spa experience. Set up a kiddie pool with toys and water for them to splash around in on hot days and find time to play with your pet before you go into the spa. This might win you the freedom to take a soak while your pet lounges beside you quietly.

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