The Future of Cold Therapy: Innovations in Ice Bathing Techniques

Ice Bathing Techniques , cold therapy

Ice bathing has become the newest thing in health and wellness. You can find anyone and everyone using them and for good reason. The health benefits that can come from ice bathing are numerous and include things like better sleep, reduction in anxiety, and faster recovery times. What’s not to love?

Colorado Custom Spas‘ experts know that since this strategy is taking off, technology to make it more accessible follows quickly. That is why we have found Passion Spas’® new line of ice baths. Their new technology can improve your own ice bathing techniques and consequently give you better health and wellness results. 

Passion Spas’ Ice Baths Keep the Water Cold

Before ice bathing was all the rage, you would need to fill your bathtub with cold water and then add ice to make it even colder. If you didn’t want to do this, you would have to travel somewhere cold enough to hop into freezing water. This is all a huge hassle and makes regular ice bathing somewhat out of reach for those of us who are busier. 

New innovations in ice bathing techniques have brought about tubs that keep the water cold. This cuts down on water waste, time spent preparing a tub, and also the need to purchase large amounts of ice regularly. 

No matter when you are ready to partake in ice bathing, your Passion Spas’ ice bath will be ready and waiting. 

Passion Spas’ Ice Baths Have Built-in Filtration Systems

When people would take ice baths in their bathtubs, they would need to drain the water from the tub when they finish. This was true even if they had a different setup outdoors or used a portable type tub. With new innovations in ice bathing, you now have the option of a tub with a built-in filter. 

Think of a pool or hot tub. These items have filters to keep the water clean, so you don’t have to constantly drain and fill the tub. Now ice baths have filters as well. This can further cut down on water waste since you can reuse water more than one time. 

Passion Spas’ Ice Baths Come in Various Sizes and Styles

In addition to making ice baths more accessible to those of us with busier lifestyles, Passion Spas offers several sizes and styles for you to choose from. These beautiful ice baths will make a great addition to any home or space without interfering with your decor. 

Don’t spend any more time going to cryotherapy locations, creating a cold tub at home, or traveling to experience all of the amazing benefits of ice bathing. You can enjoy them in your own home with an ice bath from Colorado Custom Spas. 

If you have never tried an ice bath before, stop by the store to see one in person and learn more about how they work from our expert sales consultants. They are happy to help you learn about and research anything in-store with no pressure to buy. We can’t wait to help you make this the healthiest year of your life.

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