The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Massage Chair Features

Massage Chair

Shopping for the perfect massage chair should be fun and exciting! There are so many wonderful features to pick from, though, so how do you know which ones are best for you? Colorado Custom Spas‘ experts are here to help you navigate all of the massage chair features our luxurious Infinity® Massage Chairs have to offer. 

Does the Massage Chair Recline?

One of the biggest things to consider when shopping for your perfect massage chair is whether or not (or even to what extent) the chair reclines. 

Some lower-end chairs may not even have a recline option available. Since being able to recline helps you to relax and enjoy your massage more, we see it as a necessity.

Infinity Massage Chairs take things a step further by offering zero-gravity recline. This feature allows your feet to go above your head like on an inversion table. It can take the strain off of your back as well as allow for different circulation in your body. 

They also offer chairs that recline without pushing further back into your wall. If you are limited on space or want the chair in a corner, you can do that with an Infinity Massage Chair. The chair will move forward while reclining to save on any space needed behind it.

Does the Massage Chair Offer Various Massages?

Infinity Massage Chairs also offer a variety of massage types within the same chair. Some even offer the technology to set up and save your own massage plan. 

If you want to begin your session with a softer, circular massage and then move into a deeper, more linear massage, you can set that up and save it as a favorite. Your chair will remember it for future use. 

Will the Massage Chair Adjust to Fit Your Height and Size?

Another important feature to consider, especially if you have more than one person in your home, is whether or not a chair can shift to fit your size and height. 

If you are especially short or tall, you certainly want to be sure that the chair is comfortable for you to use.

Infinity chairs will scan your body and automatically adjust to accommodate your body’s needs.

What Type of Tracks Are There?

There are two main types of tracks out there, the S-track and the L-track. These make the shapes of the letters they are named for, so the S is better to bend and flow with your back, while the L is better to reach your glutes and legs. 

Infinity Massage Chairs also offer a J-track, which can offer the best of both worlds. It will still open some when reclining to reach your back well and continue down your glutes and legs.

What Extras Do You Want or Need?

While these are the basics of what you can expect from most massage chairs, Infinity chairs take things a step further by offering plenty of other options. 

Add options like audio to make your massage more spa-like, or have a tablet-style screen to program your chair. You can also enjoy things like a foot massage option and air compression on certain chair models. 

The best way to shift through all of these fun extras is to see them for yourself at our showroom. Our consultants can chat with you about your needs and goals to help you find the best fit. Reach out today to get started locating the perfect massage chair for you.

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