In-Ground Hot Tub vs. Above-Ground: What’s the Difference?

In-Ground Hot Tub

Did you know you can install an in-ground hot tub even when the hot tub is a standard one bought from the store? With the help of the experts at Colorado Custom Spas, you can absolutely make that an option. 

How do you know if in-ground or above-ground installation is best for you, though? We are here to walk you through some differences between these options so you can make an informed decision. 

Above-Ground Hot Tub

Leaving your hot tub above ground is the standard option most people go with. This style of installation is less complicated and, therefore, a more affordable option most of the time. 

You will need a concrete pad or other solid, strong surface on which to place the hot tub. You will also likely want to do some work around the area to make it fit your style and taste. 

This type of installation will also require stairs to get in and out of the hot tub or some sort of deck around things to make it accessible. 

In-Ground Hot Tub

An in-ground hot tub can be more aesthetically pleasing, as it will not block views or walkways. It will also cost more to install since you will need to dig and prepare a site to place the hot tub. 

The cost associated with the installation can be mitigated by the savings from installing your hot tub in the ground in Denver, Colorado, long term, though. Since our winters can be so harsh and cold, the ground will help to further insulate your hot tub. 

All of our hot tub options come with amazing insulation on their own, but adding this extra protection from wind and the constant temperature available underground will translate to energy efficiency and savings.

You can also forgo things like steps or a deck when installing your in-ground hot tub. Since it will be level with the ground, there is no need. 

This can also be a huge benefit if you have mobility issues. Not having to climb stairs can be a blessing if you struggle to get up and down. Enjoy the ability to step into the hot tub or sit down and slide in.

Get all the style and appeal of a custom in-ground spa without sacrificing seating or jet options with one of our in-ground hot tub installations. 

Colorado Custom Spas Is the Expert in In-Ground Hot Tub Installation

Whatever you are looking to achieve in your new hot tub installation, Colorado Custom Spas can help you make it happen. We are experts in all types of hot tub installations. Our associates can give you guidance on the perfect space in your yard or home to place your new hot tub.

When you purchase your new hot tub from us, we also make sure you have everything you need to have it running as soon as it is installed and filled. This includes water care, steps, covers, etc. 

Save time by beginning your shopping at the largest hot tub store in the state. Our Denver location has space to display 45 hot tubs and five swim spas, so you can see them in person before purchasing. This guarantees we have something to fit your wants and needs. 

We cannot wait to help you create the backyard of your dreams. 

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