Massage Chairs vs. Professional Massages: Which is Better for You?

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We can all agree that getting regular massages, be it from a massage chair or a professional massage therapist, is a wonderful way to care for your mind and body. In fact, the benefits are the same for either option. If you are going to invest your money in just one or the other, though, how can you decide which is right for you?

The experts at Colorado Custom Spas know that both options offer amazing benefits. And while a massage chair may not be the same as a custom-designed massage from a therapist, they are ultimately probably the better choice.

Can You Utilize a Massage Chair or a Therapist More Consistently?

This question is a logistical one. While most of us would love the ability to get a professional massage every day, it is a highly unlikely scenario. And for those of us on health and wellness journeys, we know that consistency is key.

Even if we can go regularly, going every day isn’t practical. We will get sick, have things come up, or the massage therapist will need to reschedule, etc. 

However, limitations are never a problem when you own a massage chair at home. Take 15-30 minutes anytime you want to relax in an Infinity® Massage Chair in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine being able to get a massage even when you’re sick. Or think about coming home late after a long day and being able to lean back into a soothing massage. 

These scenarios would never be possible if you had a massage membership somewhere. Most of those places only allow for once-a-week visits during business hours. Instead, a massage chair is there whenever you need it — day or night.

Will You Spend More Money on a Massage Chair or on a Professional Massage?

Another practical question to answer for yourself is which option will cost you less money. 

Obviously, just one professional massage will be cheaper than the cost of a massage chair. The average for a one-hour massage is around $130 for Denver in 2023. So if you go once a week for a year, that’s $6,760 without taxes or tips! And we all know if you go to a more upscale spa, the $130 price point will be much higher. 

At Colorado Custom Spas, you could pay for our lowest-priced massage chair for that same amount of money in just one year, and you could be getting a massage every single day without tips or extra expenses. 

If you are going to a nicer salon, you would have paid for your massage chair in even less time. Or you could get a different chair model with even more features for the same amount of money.

The Benefits of a Massage Chair and a Professional Massage May Be the Same, but You Can Make the Wiser Choice

Since the proven benefits of massage therapy carry over from in-person sessions to a high-quality massage chair, we think the choice becomes a logistical one. Pick the option that allows you to utilize massage therapy consistently and saves you money in the long run.

Stop by our Denver location to try out one of our high-quality massage chairs today. Our consultants can help walk you through the features of all your options and decide which model is best for you. 

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