Top 5 Hot Tub Pad Ideas

Hot Tub Pad Ideas

Nothing is quite as relaxing as slipping into your hot tub after a long, hard day. But before you get there, you must decide where to install your hot tub and what you want to use for a hot tub pad.

A proper foundation is essential to support your hot tub for many years of fun and relaxation. Here are five popular hot tub pad ideas for you to explore.

Gravel Foundation

Gravel provides a solid, elegant foundation for a hot tub pad. Not only does it look great, but it also provides the proper drainage and makes it easy to level your hot tub. The best part is that a gravel pad is one of the most affordable options.  

Your gravel foundation will have 4” of crushed stone, and that pad can support the weight of a hot tub as well as concrete or other materials. This long list of advantages makes gravel a great base for a hot tub for many people. 

Concrete/Cement Base

Some hot tub lovers prefer to use concrete as their hot tub base. This is because concrete or cement offers a long-lasting, durable option for a hot tub foundation. It is also very affordable to use concrete as your base. 

When building a concrete hot tub base, you will need to dig down 4″ at least in the space the size of your hot tub. You can extend the area if you are installing a concrete deck. Then you will need to frame out the area with wood using two-by-fours. You may need to fill the bottom with sand or a gravel base before pouring your concrete over it and then letting it set. 

Pre-Made Hot Tub Base

You can also purchase premade bases designed exclusively for supporting a hot tub. The cost of these pre-made foundations is between $100-$600. They can save you a lot of time and money. 

Something to consider with a pre-made hot tub base is ensuring you have plenty of room for drainage below. You can install a premade hot tub base on gravel, sand, grass, dirt, or crushed stone. 

Pavers Foundation

Pavers offer a beautiful option for a hot tub base. However, choose smooth, flat pavers that interlock to have a solid, stable, level-height base. Consider consulting the experts before installing. Some special considerations exist when creating a hot tub base out of pavers.

Deck Hot Tub Base

Many people already have a back deck, which is an excellent location for your hot tub. However, you need to ensure that the deck is solid and stable enough to support the weight of your hot tub before installation, plus the water and the people it will hold. Have an engineering professional inspect your deck before installing your hot tub.

Another option to consider is an in-ground hot tub installation.

No matter what hot tub base you choose, we can help. Please stop by one of Custom Colorado Spas’ locations today to talk with our experts and explore all available options. We also offer hot tub base installation services. We can’t wait to help make your backyard visions come true.

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