Hot Tub Jets: Everything You Need to Know

A hot tub owner removes a JetPak Therapy System module, complete with a unique configuration of hot tub jets, from the corner seat of a Bullfrog Spa.

Ask any hot tub owner or dealer what they consider to be the defining feature of a hot tub and see how long it takes for them to mention hot tub jets. In any case, you won’t wait long. The sensational hydrotherapy hot tubs are famous for stems first and foremost from the jets.

This is why we hear a lot of questions about hot tub jets from prospective buyers at Colorado Custom Spas. How do hot tub jets work? How many jets does each hot tub have? How much control can you have over hot tub jets? And the list goes on and on.

Therefore, as you browse your options, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about hot tub jets. All you need are a few key terms in your corner to make choosing the best jet profile for you as simple as possible. 

To prove that point, we chose to focus on the hot tub jets of one particular brand in our showroom, Bullfrog® Spas. Known for their innovative jet system, they are a prime example of how varied and versatile hot tub jets can be. 

Types of Hot Tub Jets

How is it that tight muscles, stressed joints, and racing minds that echo our daily toils melt away in the soothing waters of a hot tub? Simply put, when you have precisely arranged jets caressing your pain points with a steady flow of warm water, the body responds accordingly. Tension releases, blood flow increases, and the brain produces serotonin and dopamine (i.e., the “feel good chemicals”).

But no two bodies are alike. Thus, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to hot tub jets. A high-quality hydrotherapy experience requires variety. Listed below are the main types of hot tub jets found within a Bullfrog spa.

Fixed Jets

Fixed jets provide a direct, targeted point on your body. These are ideal for points where you want high pressure applied for a deeper massage.

Oscillating Jets

Oscillating or rotating jets produce a twisted flow of water that delivers a gentle, relaxing massage.

Pulsating Jets

Pulsating jets consist of one or more holes through which water is pumped. A mechanism in the center of the jet covers and uncovers these holes in a rhythmic fashion to create a pulse-like feeling on your body.

Bullfrog incorporates both SinglePulse and DualPulse jets into many of their innovative JetPak™ modules.

Quality Versus Quantity

There’s a persistent myth out there that says the more jets you have in a hot tub, the better. Not necessarily. Remember, different bodies require different massages. While one person may benefit from an abundance of hot tub jets, another may do better with fewer, more direct jets.

Also, more hot tub jets typically means more plumbing. With more plumbing to travel through, the water endures more friction before it reaches the tub, resulting in a loss in pressure. Bullfrog incorporates revolutionary technology that uses only a fraction of the plumbing other hot tub brands use. This allows greater jet pressure and more efficient use of the pump. 

JetPak® Customized Hydromassage 

The crowning feature of a Bullfrog spa is its JetPack Therapy System™. The JetPack is a removable module that slides in and out of a Bullfrog hot tub seat. There are 18 different JetPaks available, each containing its own quantity and configuration of jets.

The JetPak’s interchangeable nature allows the user to customize their hydrotherapy experience in a way that, to date, remains unmatched in the hot tub industry.

Hot Tubs for a Unique Hydrotherapy Experience

If you’re wondering how a hot tub would enrich your lifestyle, contact us at Colorado Custom Spas. We’ll happily answer all your questions about hot tubs and hot tub jets Then, we’ll. introduce you to our selection of Bullfrog Spas, as well as Artesian Spas™, Tuff Spas, and Passion™ Spas. The perfect jet strength and configuration is found at Colorado Custom Spas.

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