What’s Special About an Infinity Massage Chair?

Infinity Massage Chair

Have you been searching for the perfect massage chair to add to your home? Everyone at Colorado Custom Spas knows that Infinity Massage™ Chairs are the best on the market. That is why they are the only brand we carry.

 With so many features to create the perfect massage chair experience, there is no need to look any further. There are so many features we can’t even list them all here! What we can do is tell you all of the fantastic features we love on an Infinity Massage Chair and then help you finance and select your very own.

Zero Wall Fit™

When you think of a massage chair, you likely think of a large bulky item that will take up a ton of space. While the massage chairs can be more oversized, the Infinity Massage Chair has a unique zero wall fit. This technology allows the chair to slide forward when reclining to save space. You only need a few inches from the wall versus quite a bit of space with other chair brands.

TrueFit Body Scanning™

Are you or your partner taller or shorter than what is considered average? The struggle to find things that “fit” you can be challenging. The Infinity Massage Chair has special technology that allows the chair to determine your size and shape, creating a massage specific to you.

TrueFit Footrest™ Extension

Like the body scanning technology, your chair can determine your leg length and adjust to fit your specific height. So not only will the back portion of your chair accommodate your unique height, but so will the leg space.

Syner-D® Dual Back Massage Mechanism

This cool Infinity Massage Chair feature uses two mechanisms in the chair working together to use 2D, 3D, and 4D technology to create the best massage you can get from a chair today. This massage works on your back and glutes creating an excellent release from any and all stress you may be holding there.

Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation

The Infinity Massage Chair also has unique capabilities to massage your calves. This ultimate lower leg relief simulates someone kneading the back and sides of your calf muscle to relieve sore and aching legs. Air cells are also used during this process to gently or intensely compress the legs, stimulating circulation and rejuvenating your lower legs.

SootheMe™ Sound Therapy

The Infinity Massage Chair also includes the technology to play soothing sounds to help you relax. Choose from a variety of sounds to help enhance your massage experience. Imagine closing your eyes to escape to the woods or beach as you are massaged after a long day at work.

MyMassage™ Memory Programs

Creating your own massage sequence has never been easier with an Infinity Massage Chair. Pick and choose how you want or need things to go, then save it. You can pull it up again anytime you want from the control panel to enjoy your own customized massages.

Infinity Massage Chairs have something for everyone to love, no matter what cool features you are looking for in a massage chair. Reach out today to learn more, or stop by our Denver or Castle Rock locations to see them in action. 

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