When to Use a Cold Plunge Pool

cold plunge pool , ice bath

Have you heard of ice baths or cold plunge pools? They are quickly becoming all the rage in wellness. If you are anything like the experts at Colorado Custom Spas, you are constantly looking for the next thing to enhance your wellness routine. After some research, this should be on your list! 

Taking a cold plunge offers several health benefits. From increased blood circulation to muscle recovery to better mental health, there is something for everyone. We have done the research and found these are the best times to use your cold plunge pool.

After a Workout

We have all had those workouts that we know we are going to feel in the morning. What if we told you that taking a dip in your cold plunge pool may help to prevent some of that pain the next day? 

When your workout is over, simply head to your ice bath and hop on in. There is no need to wait extended amounts of time before getting in. It will help you cool down and send your circulation swirling around your body, allowing those muscles to heal. 

In just about five to ten minutes, you will be on your way to better muscle recovery times, experience less swelling from anything that may have been injured and feel ready to go again the next day.

After an Injury

Since the cold plunge pool will increase circulation and decrease swelling and inflammation, it will consequently aid in healing an injury. In fact, professional, college, and even high school athletes use ice baths to help keep them in the game more consistently. 

So when you push yourself too much at the gym, pull a muscle, or sprain one, hobble over to your ice bath to get back on your feet faster. 

After a Night of No Sleep

This one may be a bit more obvious, but if you hop in your cold plunge pool after a restless night, you will be awake and ready to go when you get out. 

Now, we don’t recommend making a habit of not sleeping, but in a pinch, the blood circulation and hormone release can have your body up and moving in no time. 

After a Tough Day

In addition to helping you wake up by providing endorphins to your body, it will also help to improve your mental health by providing that same neurotransmitter. Endorphins are what keep our brains happy, so if you are using your cold plunge pool regularly, you will be receiving that neurotransmitter regularly. 

We could all use a little more happiness in our lives. So, the next time you feel down after a tough day, hop in an ice bath and see how much better you feel when you exit. 

Whatever health benefit you are looking for, Colorado Custom Spas has something that will help you achieve it. Stop by our Denver or Castle Rock locations to see all that we have to offer in person. 

Our expert associates will be able to help you answer questions and find the best option for what you need. Start living your best life with us today.

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