5 Health Conditions Swim Spas Address

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Are you looking to address specific health goals this year? At Colorado Custom Spas, you’ll have a great way to support health concerns you are looking to improve this year. Swim spas are terrific tools that can be used for a wide variety of activities to help reach those health goals. 

Health Condition 1: Weight Loss

Swim spas are a great tool to help with weight loss for obvious reasons, but swim spas aren’t just used for swimming anymore. You can do so much more now. From riding a stationary bike to strength training in the warm water, you can make workouts your own. Since they are in warm water, it decreases the impact on your joints and muscles, allowing you to do more for longer. Having a workout you enjoy is half the battle. Being able to endure the stress from the exercise is the other half. 

Health Condition 2: Mental Health

Physical health is only one way you can benefit from a swim spa. Your mental health can also be improved. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins, and the warm water will help you to relax, relieving stress. Both of these things work together to improve your overall mental health. From depression and anxiety to general stress, soaking and exercising in your swim spa could have you feeling like a brand-new person in no time.

Health Condition 3: Blood Pressure

Along the same lines as reducing stress, your blood pressure can also be lowered. We know that exercise will lower blood pressure but adding in warm water massage with your swim spa, otherwise known as hydrotherapy, can elevate the effectiveness of your workout. 

Health Condition 4: Arthritis

The warm water allows for more unrestricted blood flow throughout the body. This increased blood flow can help with your arthritis and joint pain. Relief from the pain, even if it is for a little while, can be so worth it. Soaking for a few minutes each day in your swim spa can provide long-term benefits when used in conjunction with recommended therapies. 

Health Condition 5: Diabetes

While there is, unfortunately, still no cure for diabetes, there are things you can do to improve symptoms. Soaking in a swim spa and exercising is one of those ways. Exercising in a swim spa makes it easier for your body to keep up. You can work out more and for more extended periods of time without your body giving out. The warm water helps you to recover so that you can continue your regimen. Pain and other factors related to this disease can also be improved in this way.

If you have health goals in place this year, now is the time to reach out and schedule your test swim at one of our locations in Castle Rock or Denver. Try things out for yourself in-store, and then chat with one of our consultants about how to best install your choice of swim spa at home. We specialize in inground installs, so we can keep your yard looking pristine. Above ground installations are also a fantastic choice. Either way, you’ll have a system of support to aid in your health and well-being.

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