5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Couple lounging in an Artesian Spa. Questions to ask before you buy a hot tub

Soaking in a hot tub provides so many health benefits! From managing stress to easing achy joints, it’ll be your backyard best friend. But before you go shopping for a hot tub of your own, there are a few things you should know. Here are 5 questions to ask before you buy a hot tub.

Before you buy a hot tub, ask, “What is my budget?” 

In 2022, hot tubs can range in price from a few thousand to $18,000 or more. The higher the price the more lavish your hot tub experience will be. At Colorado Custom Spas, we love discussing your different options and helping you find the best spa in your budget. We’ll never try to push you into a hot tub over budget. 

Besides the hot tub itself, you’ll need to factor the foundation and electrical set up into your budget (more about those next). 

What are the electrical and installation requirements?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub
Beautiful Artesian Spa installed by a pool.

Some hot tubs are considered “plug and play” meaning they can plug directly into a standard household electrical outlet. However, most hot tubs need to be set up on a dedicated 220-volt outlet, which is handled by an electrician. 

You will also need adequate space for the installation process and a solid foundation for your hot tub to rest on. Hot tubs need a hard flat surface to hold the weight of the tub and almost 400 gallons of water. A concrete slab is usually the best surface to place your hot tub on. However, hot tubs can also be installed in-ground. 

At Colorado Custom Spas we are experts at both above ground and in-ground hot tub installation. Our friendly staff will talk you through the foundation, electric, and installation processes in order to help you design and plan for your perfect hot tub escape.

What Size Hot Tub Should You Buy?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub
This Artesian Spa has more than enough room for this family of 3.

Before you buy a hot tub, consider how many people will regularly be using it. If there will just be two of you, a smaller model with 2 or 3 seats will probably do. But if you want a tub to accommodate more friends and family, a 5-8 seat tub will be needed. Think of your future hot tub like a tent. If it’s called a 4 man tent, it’s more like a 2-3 person comfortable tent. 

Besides how many people will be using your spa, consider the backyard space you have available. If you’re planning to use an existing patio, you’ll need to leave about 18” of free space around the sides. We have spas in a range of sizes to fit nearly every backyard and need. 

Where Should You Put Your New Hot Tub?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub
The perfect garden spa location.

Before you buy a hot tub, ask yourself: Where will you put it? Do you want it right outside your back door so that on snowy nights you’re only a few steps from the spa? Or maybe you’d like to install it next to your pool so you can enjoy a hydromassage while you watch the kids swim. 

Wherever you choose, you’ll need to plan for a walking path and easy access to the hot tub for maintenance. Remember also that hot tubs can be installed both above ground and in-ground. 

Take time to design and plan your dream backyard experience. We’d love to discuss your goals with you!

How Do You Maintain a Hot Tub?

The good news is that hot tub maintenance is pretty simple. There are 3 basic rules to follow to maintain and care for your new spa. 

  1. Keep the water circulating through the filters; the more you run your tub the cleaner it will be.
  1. Clean the seats, water line, and filters weekly. Drain your tub every 4-6 months for a deep cleaning.
  1. Keep the water chemistry balanced with the appropriate chemicals and sanitizer.

When you select your new hot tub, we’ll walk you through maintenance so you know just what to do. 
Now that you know what to consider before buying a hot tub, are you ready to compare spas? Visit one of our showrooms to see your options. We have the largest selection of spas in a variety of price ranges. We also have financing options to help you meet your budget needs.

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