What is a Plug-and-Play Hot Tub?

What is a plug-and-play hot tub?

What is a plug-and-play hot tub? Well, most hot tubs run on 240v power and require an electrician to set them up. However, a plug-and-play hot tub can amazingly plug directly into any dedicated standard outlet. After filling up the spa tub with water and plugging it into an outlet, you can be “playing” in your new hot tub within hours! How incredible is that?

To determine if a plug-and-play hot tub is right for you, you must ask yourself how you plan on using your spa and what features are important to you. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a plug-and-play hot tub.

Advantages of a Plug-and-Play Hot Tub

  • Lower Up-front Cost – The initial cost of a plug-and-play hot tub is usually significantly less than other spa models. 
  • Easy Installation – With a plug-and-play hot tub, all you need is a standard outlet, water, and the right chemicals. It only takes a few hours to heat the water to perfection. Then it is time to “play.”
  • Lightweight Portability – Plug-and-play hot tubs are sometimes referred to as “portable” hot tubs due to their smaller, lighter-weight equipment and components. They have small pumps and heaters making it easy to move your spa if you want to change the layout of your yard or need to take it with you during a move. 

Determine what is really important to you in your personal hot tub purchase. For some people, a plug-and-play model is best for their needs, budget, and backyard. If this sounds like you, here are two brands of plug-and-play hot tubs we recommend.  

What is a plug-and-play hot tub? Tuff Spas

Tuff Spas are virtually indestructible. They are well suited for our Rocky Mountain climate conditions because they are made from a special eco-friendly polymer. This material creates an extremely durable shell, structure, and cover.  The cover is also specially designed to increase heat retention and decrease your energy consumption. 

Tuff Spas are easy to install, and all plumbing and equipment are easy to access for maintenance. They come in standard and platinum models, giving you size and budget options.

What is a plug-and-play hot tub? Artesian Garden Spas

What is a Plug-and-Play Hot Tub?
Artesian Garden Spas are American made and perfect for small spaces.

Artesian Garden Spas are the perfect option for small spaces, condos, or town homes. These spas can even be installed indoors! They are American made and built on a foundation of innovation and artistry. These plug-and-play hot tubs will look and feel great.

The plug-and-play hot tubs of Colorado

Colorado Custom Spas is Colorado’s #1 spa dealer. Customer care and satisfaction are our top priorities. We truly believe in practicing The Golden Rule. So, you can trust us to be honest, reputable, and dependable.

Come see our plug-and-play hot tubs or check out our other hot tub brands and visit either our Denver or Castle Rock store location. At Colorado Custom Spas, we have the largest inventory of hot tubs and swim spas in Colorado. Our knowledgeable team will make your needs their priority. We can help you find the right spa for your budget, needs, and backyard.  Visit us today.

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