Blood Pressure and Hot Tubs: Benefits and Risks

Blood Pressure and Hot Tubs: Benefits and Risks

Benefits and Risks of Blood Pressure and Hot Tubs

100 million people have high blood pressure issues, but did you know there’s a link between blood pressure and hot tubs? Before you choose to jump straight into the hot tub, you need to know the answers to some questions.

Can hot tubs affect blood pressure? Are hot tubs safe for low blood pressure? We’re here to provide you all the high blood pressure and hot tubs answers you’ve been searching for.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

One of the things your doctor may advise against when you have issues with high blood pressure is avoiding exercise. They advise you to avoid exercising because it can cause the body to heat up.

How does this pertain to a bullfrog spa tub you might wonder? When you get into a hot tub your body reacts the same way it would if you were working out, this means that your internal temperature will rise because of the heat of the water.

It’s precisely the reason you need to speak with your primary care physician and ask are hot tubs bad for blood pressure? They will likely caution you against using them often or at all.

Blood Pressure Fluctuations

One thing you need to know about low blood pressure and hot tubs is you don’t want to go from cold to hot. Experiencing changes in temperature frequently can negatively affect your blood pressure causing it to fluctuate.

You don’t want to cause these fluctuations because it can cause your system to work harder to acclimate than it normally would. For example, if your blood pressure falls too fast it causes the heart to beat faster and your blood vessels narrow at the same time.

The opposite will happen when your blood pressure rises quickly leaving you susceptible to various issues because of the fluctuations.

Improved Muscle Relaxation

Now that you’ve understood some of the ways that a passion spa tub can affect your blood pressure negatively here are some advantages to using it, with the first being improved muscle relaxation. The hot water can relieve muscle aches and stiffness.

This can help reduce the likelihood of persistent pain or injury resulting from your muscles being tightly wound. When your muscles are relaxed it can improve the pain you suffer from.

Heat Therapy

Not only can the use of a spa improve your overall cardiovascular health, but it can also improve your sensitivity to insulin. Sensitivity to insulin is useful, especially for people that are looking for ways to manage their diabetes.

For those with diabetes, you know that a higher insulin sensitivity number means your blood sugar is too high and will need to be brought down.

(Always check with your doctor first)

Blood Pressure and Hot Tubs 101

There are several links that prove your blood pressure and hot tubs can be both beneficial and negative. After you have spoken with your medical doctor and you are ready to get a hot tub, all that’s left to do is find a company that can create a custom spa to meet your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Custom spas and let us create a spa made for you.

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