Guide To Optimal Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Guide To Optimal Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

How to Achieve Optimal Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Compared to last year, Coloradans paid as much as 50% more on their energy bill this winter season. This number could be even higher for those with poor hot tub energy efficiency. 

You’re likely wondering, ‘how can I increase the efficiency of my hot tub to lower my energy bill?’

In this hot tub energy efficiency guide, we discuss the small changes that make a big difference. Continue reading to learn how to run a hot tub economically.

Cover for Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

If you want to boost hot tub energy efficiency, invest in an insulated cover. An energy-efficient hot tub cover helps prevent heat from escaping. Make sure to get the correct size and shape for your tub to create a good seal.

A good seal is especially important around the cover’s hinge where the most heat escapes. An insulated cover has additional protection around the hinge, which helps even during cold weather. 

Turn Down the Temperature

If you have a good cover but are still asking, ‘how can I increase the efficiency of my hot tub,” consider turning down the temperature. If you keep your tub at the maximum temperature, it can be a drain on energy.

Try turning the temperature down a few degrees to boost hot tub energy efficiency. You should also turn down the temperature in rest mode. Rest mode means the tub only heats during the filter cycle.

Consider the Season

Instead of taking the ‘set it and forget it’ approach to your hot tub, adjust your settings for the season. Keep the tub off during the summer and as low as possible while you’re on vacation. 

If you don’t use your hot tub regularly, keep the temperature low in winter as well. However, be sure it’s warm enough to keep the water and pipes from freezing.

Time Your Heating Strategically

One of the most underrated but important tips in our hot tub energy efficiency guide is strategic timing. Your hot tub uses less energy when it heats during non-peak hours such as early in the morning or late at night.

Heating during peak hours means you’re competing with other homes for energy because more people are using energy at this time. Adjusting your settings will help maintain warmth at a lower cost. 

Hot Tub Maintenace

While the best hot tubs are energy efficient, they still require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiency. This includes ensuring all components are working as they should such as heaters and pumps. 

Block the Wind

If you want to increase the energy efficiency of a spa, you need to keep the area around it warm too. The best way to do this is to keep it indoors, but creating a wind block can help as well.

You can choose decor that matches your home’s aesthetic such as trees or a wooden enclosure. Creating a barrier helps block out cold breezes and retains heat near the tub. It also creates more privacy to enjoy your soak.

Now You Know How to Run a Hot Tub Economically

Increasing hot tub energy efficiency can be accomplished with just a few small alterations. The most important factors are keeping the temperature low when not in use, preventing heat leaks, and warming the surroundings.

If you want to invest in an energy-efficient hot tub cover or want to learn more about our most energy-efficient hot tub brands, contact Colorado Custom Spas today or come visit one of our Colorado hot tub stores in either Denver CO or Castle Rock CO.

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