Hail Season? Get a Hail Resistant Hot Tub Cover

Hail Season? Get a Hail Resistant Hot Tub Cover

Hail Season? The Best Hot Tub Covers Resistant to Hail

Hail Resistant Hot Tub Covers

Colorado can experience hailstones up to 4.5 inches in diameter. And with the hail season lasting from mid-April to mid-August, it makes sense to protect all of your assets, including your hot tub.

However, if you don’t have the right cover in place, the cover itself can become damaged along with your hot tub. That’s why you need to make sure you get one that’s resistant to hail.

Keep reading to learn about the best hot tub covers to keep your hot tub safe from whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

What Makes a Hot Tub Cover Hail-resistant

Let’s first look at a few of the things that makes a hot tub cover able to withstand hail and all types of weather.

Heavy Density Foam

The foam that’s used to create the core of the tub helps keep it insulated and keeps the water out. It also supports the snow load through the winter months. If this becomes water-logged, it won’t insulate your hot tub and will become weakened and unable to hold snow or hail.

While the standard density of the foam is one or one and a half pounds, we use two-pound density foam. This provides you with a stronger, more water-resistant cover that can handle far more inclement weather.

Thick Plastic Water Barrier

Speaking of keeping water out, there’s also a plastic barrier that goes over the top of the foam. This barrier helps keep water out of the foam which is essential for preventing it from becoming water-logged. A thick plastic barrier also helps to improve the overall strength of the hot tub cover.

Our competitors typically use plastic that’s four millimeters thick at the most. We use six-millimeter plastic and offer a double wrap option so you can get even more protection for your hot tub.

Marine-grade Vinyl

The last material used to create your hot tub cover that we’ll discuss is the vinyl. Since this is the outside of the cover and designed to protect the cover, it’s essential for this to be made with high standards as well.

Our marine-grade vinyl has a cold crack rating of negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit and can handle 15,000 UV hours before it starts to wear down. It has plasticizers that allow it to stretch with temperature changes without being damaged, keeping your cover safe from everything.

Why Custom Covers Are the Best Hot Tub Covers for Hail

If you want to ensure hail, water, and damaging rays of sun stay off of your hot tub, it’s important to use a hot tub cover that is designed for your spa. A cover that’s too big or too small can allow these elements to wreak havoc on the cover itself or your hot tub.

Ready to Get a Cover for Your Hot Tub?

Now you know the properties and options you have for the best hot tub covers that will protect your spa from hail. As you can imagine, these will also protect your hot tub from all types of weather, hot or cold.

Hail Resistant Hot Tub Cover

If you want hail resistant hot tub cover that will keep everything out, contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you get a custom hot tub cover that will last for years to come.

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