Hot Tubs: What’s In Store For 2022

Get ready for 2022 with these great new Hot Tubs!

The 2022 model year is underway! Colorado Custom Spas are proud to offer the latest models from the top manufacturers in the country. Let’s take a look at what is trending for 2022.

Preview The New Hot Tubs for 2022

Artesian Spas

For over 30 years, Artesian Spas have continued to produce high-quality hot tubs with incredible innovation and feature not found in other spas. These American-Made hot tubs are well crafted with quality and comfort in mind.

All of the 2022 Artesian Spa models include their patented water management system, Crystal AOP. Utilizing microfiltration, minerals, UV lighting, and ozone, bacteria are destroyed without the use of harsh chemicals. No more hot tub smell, dry skin, or complicated chemistry is required to maintain these spas.

Come see the new 533DL model, a rare double lounger in a 3 person spa. Comfort and quality in an affordable and compact size.

Bullfrog Spas

Designed in Salt Lake City with Rocky Mountain weather in mind, Bullfrog Spas are some of the most unique and innovative products available. Their patented JetPak system offers unparalleled options to configure your spa to your needs. It’s a series of modular seatbacks, each with a different configuration of massage jets. Customize where you get relief and even set the amount of pressure the jets provide.

Another innovative feature of the JetPak system is the drastic reduction in plumbing material. An average spa will have in excess of 600 feet of plumbing. A Bullfrog Spa has less than 85. Less plumbing means less repair, more power to the jets, and greater efficiency in operation.

The JetPak system is equiped on all 2022 Bullfrog Spas.

Tuff Spas

It’s not just a clever name! Tuff Spas are the strongest and most durable spas available. The shell, structure, and cover are made from a nearly indestructible polymer material, so durable that they are protected under a lifetime warranty.

Tuff Spas are specifically designed to handle the harsh elements of a Colorado Winter, more so than any other product on the market. Their patented Tuff Top hardcover insolates the spa with a rubber gasket, much like a refrigerator door. These spas are also eco-friendly, insolated with a product called Blue Stuff, made from recycled blue jean material.

A Tuff Spa is also one of the easiest spas to operate. Manufactured with a one-piece bottom, it can sit just about anywhere, with no need for a poured concrete base. It is also wired to 120V, meaning you can plug it in anywhere.

More Spas

Beyond these 3 top brands, Artesian, Bullfrog and Tuff Spas, there are the Passion Spas and Swim Spas and exercise pools that cannot be overlooked.

So What’s In Store For 2022?

Our team here at Colorado Custom Spas are excited about the hot tubs in store for 2022 and think you should be too. Get in touch with us online or visit one of our stores in Denver or Castle Rock CO and find out why this is the year that you bring home a spa.

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