How to Plan a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

How to Plan a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

Our modern lives are busy. With seemingly never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to neglect date night. But with a hot tub in your Denver backyard, date night is as easy as walking outside. With our tips, we will show you how to plan a romantic hot tub date night that your partner won’t forget. 

One of the best benefits of owning a hot tub is that regular time spent soaking with your love can help strengthen and deepen your connection with each other. 

A hot tub in your backyard allows you to escape the noise of everyday life. It becomes a sanctuary retreat where the two of you can share quiet conversation and closeness.

At Colorado Custom Spas, we offer a variety of hot tubs for Denver and Castle Rock area residents. 

Artesian Spas come in four different lines to meet every price point. We offer five different series of Bullfrog Spas. Each line comes with Bullfrog’s patented JetPak customizable massage system.

Tuff Spas are “Denver’s original hard-top hot tub.” They are designed to last even under our Denver weather conditions. We also carry Passion Spas. These spas have tons of jets, look beautiful, and are the best value in the industry.

Here’s how to plan a romantic hot tub date night that is sure to impress your partner.

Essentials for a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

The first step to a romantic hot tub date night is to make sure all the essentials are in place.

Keep Necessities Close

Roll a few clean, white towels and arrange them in a wicker basket. Place the basket next to your hot tub’s steps to keep towels close by. 

Create a Private Sanctuary

Anytime you soak in your hot tub you want to have a sense of privacy. Privacy around your hot tub can be as simple as a portable hot tub enclosure such as a decorative folding screen, a shade umbrella, or a privacy fence.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, and for a more romantic hot tub date night, install a pergola or gazebo around your hot tub. Then hang flowy curtains for a light, breezy, and romantic effect.

Engage the Senses for a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

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For a romantic hot tub date night, engage all the senses.


For sight, consider soft mood lighting. Place candle votives in jars and set them around the area. For safety, you can also use battery-operated candles or solar lighting.

Many of our hot tubs come equipped with lighting features as well. Set your hot tub’s lighting to a soft blue for optimal effect.


A romantic date night needs romantic music. Many hot tubs are enabled with Bluetooth® features to allow you to play music through the spa’s speakers. 

Play romantic music you both enjoy. Maybe soft jazz, instrumental, or a playlist of love songs. Make hot tub date night even more special by creating a special playlist designed just for the two of you.


The right smells can calm and soothe you into relaxation. For hot tub date night, consider scented candles (place with safety in mind). Or products such as Spazzazz feature aromatherapy designed especially for use in hot tubs.

If you use aromatherapy oils, make sure to only use oils that are designed specifically for hot tub use. At Colorado Custom Spas, we can answer any questions you have about aromatherapy for hot tubs.


No date night is complete without sips and treats. Choose treats that are easy to consume in a hot tub. Bite-size fruits and cheeses on a charcuterie board are perfect for a hot tub date night. Pair with your favorite drink. 


Now all of your romantic details are in place. Relax, cuddle, and talk quietly with each other as you gaze at the stars. At Colorado Custom Spas, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you find the right hot tub for your budget, needs, and date night. And with a quality spa in your backyard, you’ll love coming home to the one you love most for date night in the great outdoors.

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